Central Reporting Job Scheduling
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PFML Quarterly Extract - College

This job extracts quarterly wages and hours to be submitted to the Employment Security Department for PFML insurance processing. The college will download their .csv formatted reporting file using the online process CR5220, edit in Excel as needed, and then upload to ESD/PFML using their "SAW" account.
CR5219A    PFML Quarterly Reporting Confirmation
CR5219B    PFML Quarterly Reporting Exceptions
Special Instructions None
Frequency Quarterly
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups None
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time None
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


CR5219-EARN-EX Up to 15 three character Earn Types, separated by commas, to be excluded from PFML Quarterly Reporting hour/dollar extract.
ID-PRINT-OPT Enter the option for printing the employees identification number to the report:
E = Print the Emp-Id (SSN)
L = Print last 4 characters of Emp-Id (SSN)
S = Print the System Id (SID)
B = Print spaces or blanks
* = Print all asterisks

Distribution: PPMS
Created: THU, OCT 17, 2019, 07:35 AM