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Job Scheduling Index

Using SBCTC-ITD Job Scheduling

Using the Index to Find Job Scheduling Documentation

Use the SBCTC-ITD Job Scheduling Index to find scheduling instructions for a job or job group.

  1. On the Index page, locate the application area for a job or job group (FMS for the Financial Management System, SMS for the Student Management System, and so forth).
  2. Then find the category that matches the job or job group for which you are searching.
    For example, to find documentation for the PPMS job group PG601R (Test Payroll), click the PGxxxx category under PPMS. A sorted list of all job group IDs beginning with PG is displayed.
  3. Locate the job or job group ID that you want, for example, PG601R, and click it.

Note that at the top of each page, there is an index with links to related job and job group instructions. For example, on the page for PG601R, there are links to other PPMS job groups (PGxxxx), PPMS jobs (PSxxxxJ), and the main Index page for Job Scheduling Documentation (Other).

If you know the title of a job or job group, but don't know its associated ID, you can use the Alphabetic Index on the main Index page.

  1. In the Alphabetic Index, click the letter with which the job or job group title begins.
    A sorted list of all jobs or job group titles beginning with that letter is displayed.
  2. Locate the job group title and click on its associated job group ID.

For example, if you want to locate the job scheduling instructions for the job group Test Payroll but don't know the job group ID, simply click the T in the alphabetic listing. From the list that is displayed, locate Test Payroll and click the job group ID PG601R.

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Using Job Scheduling Documentation

Use the online SBCTC-ITD Job Scheduling Documentation the same way you used the old paper version. The job scheduling instructions for each job or job group includes:

The instructions for associated jobs and job groups are cross-referenced using hypertext links so that you can easily and directly access them. To view instructions for an associated job or job group, click a hypertext link shown in the instructions currently displayed in your browser window. Use your browser's Back button if you want to return to previous pages.

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