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PPMS Endeavor Patron Extract

[OBSOLETE]This job group creates an extract file of all active employees in the Payroll/Personnel Management system on the HP3000, formatted according to the patron load file specifications for input into the Endeavor library system. The file is then transferred to the Endeavor processor. To complete the load and update of employees into the Endeavor system, the patron load process must be run on the Endeavor processor.
Special Instructions None
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Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 LS2101J
PPMS Endeavor Patron Extract (All Employees)
R 02 01 LS2109J
Send PPMS Patron File to Endeavor


ADDR-2-STAT-CD Identifies the address status code for the campus address (mail stop and work phone) which will be updated to address type 2. The address status code identifies whether notices may be sent to this address. Valid codes are:
N = normal (default)
H = hold mail
ADDR-3-STAT-CD Identifies the address status code for email addresses. It indicates whether notices may be sent to this address. The address status code updates the Address Type 3 field. Valid codes are: 'N' - Normal (default) 'H' - Hold mail
CONF-OPT Indicates if an employee's address and/or phone should be included if that information is noted as confidential. Valid entries: 'P' - Do not include phone numbers that are noted as confidential. 'A' - Do not include addresses that are noted as confidential. 'B' - Do not include phone numbers or addresses that are noted as confidential.
blank - Include all addresses and phone numbers regardless of their confidentiality.
EMAIL-ADDR-OPT Identifies if email addresses should be included. 'Y' - Yes, include email addresses. 'N' - No, do not include email addresses.
INCL-BAR-CODE Identifies if the patron's System ID is written to the Bar Code field. If it is not, the Bar Code field is blank. Valid entries: 'Y' - Yes, put the patron's System ID in the Bar Code field. 'N' - No, leave the Bar Code field blank.
LIBRARY-LOC-CD Enter the library location code (maximum of 10 characters) for your institution. The library location code identifies where a person is registered as a library patron. This code must be a valid code in the Endeavor system.
LS2101-COL Enter the three digit college number of the campus to be extracted. For multi-campus districts, this job must be run separately for each campus.
PATRON-EXPIR-DT Identifies the date to be assigned as the Expiration Date for the library patrons. Format is MMDDYY
Identifies which employee types to extract and how employee types should be categorized into patron groups. The format for each parameter is T=XXXXXXXXXX where T represents employee type and X's represent the corresponding patron group (patron group may be a maximum of 10 characters in length and must be a valid code in the Endeavor system). For example:
E=STAFF,C=STAFF,F=FACULTY,P=FACULTY-PT. Employees will NOT be extracted if their employee type does not match any of the employee types entered in PATRON-GRP-SEL1 through PATRON-GRP-SEL3.
PATRON-PURGE-DT Identifies the value to be updated to Patron Purge Date and the Address End Date. Format is MMDDYY.

Distribution: PPMS
Created: MON, OCT 11, 2021, 04:01 PM