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MLS Generalized DB Load

This Job Group will read various Data Express extract files and address information will be loaded to the mailing label system. A report will be printed listing all records that have been added or updated. An error report will also be produced.
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 ML1016J
MLS DB Load Process
  Mail DB Load Report (ML1016A)
  Mail DB Load Exception Report (ML1016B)


COL-CODE The institution's college code.
ML1016-ADDR-TYP The address type to be updated. This must be a valid ADDR-TYP in the CONFIG-PARM-M table.
ML1016-CHAR-CONV Indicator to denote the type of Upper/Lower case conversion is to be done. Valid entries are:
U = Convert to upper case
M = Convert to mixed upper/lower case
Blank = No conversion is done
ML1016-MAIL-LIST The name of the mail list to be updated. This must be a valid mail list in MS-MAIL-LIST-D.
ML1016-RPT-OPT Indicates the report option. Valid entries are:
F = Full report; list of individuals being added or updated.
T = Totals only; total number of individuals being added or updated.
Blank = Print totals only
ML1016-SRC-FILE A code to indicate which extract file will be used as input to the program. Valid entries are:
C = Generic Data Conversion file
P = PC Data Conversion file
S = Student Extract file
E = Employee Extract file
V = Vendor Extract file
T = Transcript Extract file
ML1016-SRT-OPT Report sort option. Valid entries are:
1 = Sort by ID-NUM
ML1016-UPD-DATE When updating existing address records, only those records with a RVSN-DATE less than this date are to be updated. This will help eliminate overlaying current address information with old
data. Valid entries are: YYMMDD = YEAR/MONTH/DAY BLANK = No date compare is done
ML1016-UPD-METH The method used to update the mail data base. Valid entries are:
1 = Update existing address information, and add any new entries.
2 = Update existing address information, but do not add any new entries.
3 = Add new entries, but do not update any existing address information.
ML1016-UPD-NAME An indicator to denote if the name fields are to be updated as well as the address fields. Valid entries are:
Y = Update name data
N = Do not update name data
Blank = Do not update name data

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM