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Academic Progress Report

SM9102J assigns an unusual action code to Financial Aid Students in SMS. The Generalized Extract is then used to extract students with the unusual action code assigned and the Academic Progress Report is produced for a specified year/quarter.
Special Instructions Example of entering parameter information; if the unusual action code to be used =FA for year-quarter 8892 and Financial Aid award code for GSL is 80, parameters may be entered as follows: FA-ACTN-CD =FA, FA-ACTN-DATE =8889 (or current year/month), FA-AWD-CD =80, FA-ORIG-ID =FAO (or initials of entry person), FA-PROCESS-OPT =A (awards accepted), FA-SES-STRT = 8891, FA-TRACK-CODE =AW, SM5204-LINE01 = UNUSUAL-ACTN EQ FA; YRQ = 8892
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
O 01 00 SM9102J
Finaid Unusual Action Code Assignment
  Finaid Unusual Action Code Assignment (SM9102)
R 02 01 SM5204J
Student Generalized Extract
  Student Generalized Extract (SM5204)
R 03 02 SM9103J
Academic Progress Report
  Academic Progress Report (SM9103)
R 04 03 SM5299J
Student Biographic Extract/Sort File Purge


FA-ACTN-CD Enter the unusual action (2 position, alpha-numeric) to be assigned. This code must be a valid entry on the Unusual Action Table (SM5021) and must not be associated to a punitive action code unless the processing option selected is students in default (FA-PROCESS-OPT = D).
FA-ACTN-DATE A 4-character date, session or other time period associated with the assigned unusual action (optional). For example, 9900 to identify the student as a financial aid applicant for the 99-00 award year.
FA-AWD-CD Optional 2 Character Award Code for GSL (51-99) This code should be entered if the Financial Aid System is being used. If entered, the award short title will be printed if a student has Award Data for the award code selected only.
FA-ORIG-ID Enter an identifier (up to 4 characters) to indicate the origin of the unusual action placed on each student (optional). For example, FAO to indicate that the financial aid office assigned the code.
FA-PROCESS-OPT Processing option used to select students who should be assigned unusual action codes (required parameter). Valid options are:
R = Received Tracking Code. Select students who have at least one tracking item flagged as received.
A = Accepted Award Tracking Code. Select students who have an accepted award tracking item flagged as completed.
D = Default Tracking Item. Select students who have a default tracking item assigned.
FA-SES-STRT Enter the first Year-Session to process. Example, A891 or A901.
FA-TRACK-CODE Tracking Code used to identify the accepted award or default tracking item (2 character, alpha- numeric). Valid entries are based on the processing option selected: If FA-PROCESS-OPT = R, leave this parameter blank. If FA-PROCESS-OPT = A, enter the accepted award tracking code (i.e., AW). Must be a valid entry on the Table Master (Item 143). If FA-PROCESS-OPT = D, enter the default tracking code (i.e., DF). Must be a valid entry on the Table Master (Item 143).
See Parameters Section on Generalized Extract
YRQ Enter the year-quarter to be processed.

Distribution: FAS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 06:54 AM