FAS Job Scheduling
SM9xxxJ AGxxxx Other

SM9054J 19-20 Automatic File Review
SM9056J 09-10 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9099J Purge Financial Aid Extract File
SM9101J Admissions Status Update
SM9102J Finaid Unusual Action Code Assignment
SM9103J Academic Progress Report
SM9104J Finaid Excessive Credits Report
SM9105J Fam Academic Interface Update
SM9107J Import Email Addresses In to Fam
SM9108J Finaid Biographic Update From SMS
SM9109J Finaid Academic Funded Hours Update
SM9110J Finaid Academic Attempted Hours Update
SM9111J FAS Academic Enrolled Program Data Update
SM9112J Financial Aid Student Attendance Update
SM9114J Students Without Sid In Cross Ref
SM9115J FAS Unoffical Enrollment Report
SM9116J Biographic Extract Electronic Funds Distribution
SM9117J Post Efd Tracking Codes and Report
SM9118J Col Bound Scholarship File Rpt/Upd
SM9119J Dir Loan Reconciliation Report
SM9135J Finaid Tracking Records Removal
SM9141J Faid Ready For Review Report
SM9142J Financial Aid Staff File Review
SM9144J Update Sm Academic Code to Safer
SM9145J Post Faid Repayment Tracking Code
SM9146J Post Sm Grade Level to Faid/Credit
SM9147J Post Sm Grade Level to Faid/Clock
SM9154J 20-21 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9156J 10-11 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9254J 21-22 Automatic File Review
SM9256J 11-12 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9294J 08-09 Automatic File Review
SM9296J 08-09 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9354J 22-23 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9356J 12-13 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9405J Finaid Check Calc Preliminary
SM9407J Finaid Check Calculation Extract
SM9408J Finaid Check Calculation Update
SM9409J Finaid Session Enrollment Codes Update
SM9410J Copy Faexp File to College Account
SM9411J Update Faexp With FMS Transactions
SM9412J Correct Ssn In Faexp Report/Update
SM9413J Fin Aid Expenditure Monthly Purge
SM9414J Annual FA Expenditure Archival Extract
SM9415J Annual FA Expenditure Purge
SM9420J Annual Award Disbursements Report
SM9421J Quarterly Award Disbursements Report
SM9425J Financial Aid Expenditures Report
SM9430J Extract Award Disbursement Discrepancies
SM9431J Preliminary Awd Disb Recon/Update
SM9432J Final Award Disbursement Reconciliation
SM9454J 13-14 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9456J 13-14 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9490J Create System FA Expenditure Archival File
SM9502J Purge Payroll Financial Aid Interface File
SM9529J Recon Date Change For Pell/Dl Rpt
SM9550J Finaid Electronic Award Extract
SM9554J 14-15 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9556J 14-15 Auto Assign Package Codes
SM9654J 15-16 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9702J Nslds Batch Monitoring Extract
SM9705J Nsl Clearinghouse Extract
SM9708J Tech Col Nslc Extract (Prelim)
SM9709J Tech Col Nslc Extract (Final)
SM9717J Enrollment Head Count by Month
SM9718J Fisap Clock Hour PART-TIME Students Report
SM9721J NELA-COMMONLINE Disbursement - Fam
SM9723J NELA-COMMONLINE App Extract - Fam
SM9738J Unit Record Report
SM9739J Wcg Interim Extract/Report
SM9754J 16-17 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9785J Fam Portal Action Required Report
SM9788J Students Without Official Efc Rpt
SM9789J Populate Fam PIN From SMS
SM9801J Transfer SNG Archival File
SM9805J Check Server For Fam Extract Files
SM9806J Retrieve Fam to Safer Upload Files
SM9807J Rename Fam/Safer Upload Files
SM9809J Check For Safer DB Access & Erase
SM9810J Load Fam to Safer Mstr Part 1
SM9811J Load Fam to Safer Mstr Part 2
SM9812J Load Fam to Safer Detail Part 1
SM9813J Load Fam to Safer Detail Part 2
SM9814J Remove Fam Extract Files
SM9854J 17-18 Automatic File Review (Need)
SM9954J 18-19 Automatic File Review (Need)

Created: THU, FEB 03, 2022, 03:53 PM