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Forfeit NON-ISSUED Refunds

This job identifies and foreits non-issued refunds according to user specified selection criteria. A detail report and a summary report of the forfeited charges is produced.
BM1772A    Forfeit NON-ISSUED Refunds (Detail Report)
BM1772B    Forfeit NON-ISSUED Refunds (Summary Report)
Special Instructions This job must run to successful completion.

The selection lines for BM1772-FEE-CD, BM1772-FEE-CL and BM1772-YRQ can accept a maximum of 60 characters.

To select all values for these parameters leave the entry line blank.

To specify specific values separate each entry by a comma (e.g. EN,TR).

To specify a range of values separate entries with a slash (e.g. 9231/9234).

Individual values and ranges can be selected on the same line by using a combination of commas and slashes (e.g. 9231/9234,9341).

Wildcards may also be used when specifying values for these parameters. A "?" can be used to replace individual numbers or characters (e.g. 923?,934?). An "@" sign can be used to replace a group of numbers or characters (eg 92@,9341).

Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status JOBFAIL
Job Groups None
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time Varies
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


BM1772-COL The college code to be processed.
BM1772-DATE The date that the job is run.
BM1772-DAYS The number of days that must have passed before a refund can be forfeited. This is a 3 digit numeric field, leading zeros must be entered (e.g. 10 days = 010).
BM1772-FEE-CD The fee codes that are to be extracted for forfeiture.
BM1772-FEE-CL The fee classes to be extracted for forfeitures.
BM1772-FORFEIT The fee code to be used when creating revenue for forfeitures.
BM1772-RPT-ONLY Option to produce only the reports:
Y = Only produce reports.
N = Produce reports, forfeit refunds and generate accounting.
BM1772-SORT-OPT The desired sort sequence for the BM1772A report:
1 = Sort by customer name (default).
2 = Sort by customer ID.
BM1772-SUM-OPT Option to create accounting entries in detail or summary:
Y = Create summary accounting entries for the forfeit fee code. There will be one entry for each term and fee code being forfeited.
N = Create accounting entries in detail.
BM1772-YRQ The terms to be extracted for forfeiture.

Distribution: FMS
Created: TUE, APR 21, 1998, 7:26 AM