FMS Job Scheduling
BAxxxxJ BMxxxxJ FMxxxxJ GAxxxxJ MMxxxxJ PMxxxxJ FGxxxx Other

FG001D Daily Accounting Evening
FG004D AP Checks, Subgroup of FG001D
FG006D Pooled Cash
FG007D Web Credit Card Processing
FG008R Accrued Expenditure Process
FG009M Subledger Purge, Subgroup of FG011M
FG010M Monthly Oper. Report, Subgroup of FG012M
FG011M Monthly Purge
FG012M Monthly General Ledger Reporting
FG013M Monthly Budget: Group 1
FG016M Monthly Budget: Group 2
FG017R COA Processing
FG018D General Ledger Posting - Day
FG020D Daily Check Process
FG021M Monthly Tuition Distribution
FG025R Budget Initialization
FG026R GL Allotment Balances
FG027R COA-LEDG-REF-D Updates Subgroup of FG017R
FG028R Rebuild LEDG-REF-D
FG029M AFRS Reporting
FG030R Vendor Payment Advance Reimbursement Report
FG031A Annual Financial Statement
FG032A Fiscal Year Closing and Opening
FG033A Post Fiscal Year Opening
FG034A Reverse Deferred Revenue
FG035M SBCCE Reporting
FG036D Load Financial Transactions
FG037R Equipment Inventory Reporting
FG038A Archive Account Summary File
FG039A Build Accounting Summary
FG040R FAE Building Reporting
FG041R FAE Room Reporting
FG042R Land Inventory Reporting
FG043A Annual Accounting/Budget Archival
FG045M System Expenditure/Revenue Monitoring
FG046R Purge and Rebuild COA Tables For New Fiscal Year
FG047R FAE Building Operating Budget Reports
FG048R FAE Land Operating Budget Reports
FG049Q Final SARS Reporting and Transmittal
FG050A Annual Opening Balances Reporting
FG050R SBCCE FAE Building Operating Budget Reports
FG051R SBCCE FAE Land Operating Budget Reports
FG053R ON-REQUEST GL Summary Reporting
FG055R Room Utilization Reporting
FG056R FAE Archival Process
FG057R FAE/SARS Process - Preliminary
FG058M MWBE Summarization Process
FG059R SBCCE FAE Building Reports
FG060R SBCCE FAE Room Reports
FG061R SBCCE FAE Equipment Reports
FG064Q Quarterly SARS File Submission
FG065R Cash and Investment Reporting
FG066D Daily Cashiering Process
FG067R POS Purge
FG068Q Customer Accounts Archival
FG068R Budget Development Report Process
FG069M 1099 Summarization Process
FG071Q Customer Accounts Purge
FG072R Customer Accounts Summary Reports
FG073R Bdgt Devl Delete Process
FG074R AFRS Merged Reports - All
FG075R FMS Archival Reactivation
FG076R Budget Reporting
FG077R General Ledger Extract Rpts
FG078R Accounting Extract Reports
FG079R Subset Monthly Oper Report
FG082A PRE-FISCAL Year Closing and Opening
FG083A Test FYR Closing/Opening Process
FG084A Test of Annual Opening Balances Reporting
FG085R Automatic Update of Charge Status
FG086R Bdgt/GL Status Reporting
FG088D Customer Accounts Billing
FG089R Subset Budget Status Salary
FG090M AFRS Monthly Reporting
FG091M AFRS - Send and Print Reports
FG093M MWBE - Send and Print Report
FG094D College Lvl Billing Process
FG095R Auto Application of Finaid
FG096R Accounting and Budget Purge
FG110R Auto Application of Waivers
FG112M AFRS Merge Data and Transfer
FG140R SBCTC - GL Weekly Reports
FG141M SBCTC - Month End Reports
FG150R Process Bookstore Chrg File
FG160R State Auditors Extract
FG162R Nelnet Payment Process

Created: THU, FEB 03, 2022, 03:53 PM