FMS Job Scheduling
BAxxxxJ BMxxxxJ FMxxxxJ GAxxxxJ MMxxxxJ PMxxxxJ FGxxxx Other

MM1109J Vendor List
MM2001J Vendor List
MM2200J Print Pending Encumbrances List
MM2202J MWBE Summarization Process
MM2203J MWBE Goal Performance Report
MM2204J Purged Vendor List
MM2205J 1099 Summarization Process
MM2206J 1099 Misc Summary (by Month) Report
MM2207J Print 1099-MISC Tax Forms
MM2209J Print 1099NEC Tax Forms
MM3200J C.O.A. Extract For Reality Update
MM3201J FMS Vendor Extract For Reality Upd
MM3202J FMS Vendor Update From Reality Sys
MM3203J Commodity Extract For Reality Upd
MM3204J Budget Extract For Reality Update
MM3205J Create FMS Interfaces From Reality
MM3206J Create AP Interface From Reality
MM5101J Facilities Listing
MM5102J Building Listing
MM5103J Infrastructure Listing
MM5104J Land Listing
MM5105J Summary of Gross/Assign Sq Ft by Owner/Loc
MM5107J Summary of Gross/Assign Sq Ft by Yr Const/Loc
MM5109J Room Listing
MM5110J Summary of Area and Capacity
MM5115J Room Use Summary by Nacubo Program
MM5116J Land Transaction Log Report
MM5117J Room Utilization Reports
MM5118J Facilities Transaction Log Report
MM5119J Report of Land Inventory Holdings
MM5121J List of Construction In Progress
MM5122J Gross Annual Maintenance On Owned Buildings
MM5123J Gross Annual Maintenance On Rental Buildings
MM5124J Gross Annual Maintenance; Owned & Rented Buildings
MM5125J Dormitory Report
MM5126J Incomplete Record and Error Report For Land
MM5127J Incomplete Record and Error Report For Facilities
MM5128J Facility Operating Budget Extract
MM5130J Rental Cost Report
MM5131J Utilities Data
MM5132J Planned Facility Listing
MM5133J Janitorial Services Position
MM5134J Land Operating Budget Extract
MM5136J Ground Maintenance Positions
MM5137J Planned Land Listing
MM5138J Transfer Facil. Operating Budget to SBCCE
MM5139J Transfer Land Operating Budget to SBCCE
MM5140J Room Utilization Process
MM5141J Room Utilization MIS-2 Extract
MM5142J Room Utilization SMS Extract
MM5143J Transfer Room Utilization Data to SBCCE
MM5144J Room Utilization Purges
MM5145J Facilities Listing (Archival)
MM5146J Land Listing (Archival)
MM5147J Unload Smis Class Data - SBCCE
MM5148J Room Utilization Process - SBCCE
MM5149J Room Listing by Building - SBCCE
MM5201J Equipment Conversion Report
MM5202J Equipment Transaction Log Report
MM5203J Equipment Inventory Worksheet
MM5204J Equipment Replacement Cost Report
MM5205J Equipment At End of Useful Life
MM5206J Incomplete Record & Error Report For Equipment
MM5207J Equipment Listing
MM5208J Equipment Listing (Archival)
MM5211J Equipment Detail Listing
MM5301J Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract
MM5302J Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract
MM5303J Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract
MM5304J Facilities & Equipment Generalized Extract Report
MM5305J FAE Extract File Purge
MM5307J Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract
MM5308J FAE Archival Extract
MM5309J FAE Archival Purge
MM5310J Cancel FAE Archival Extract
MM5903J FAE Plan Delete by FYR

Created: THU, FEB 03, 2022, 03:53 PM