FMS Job Scheduling
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Liquidate/RE-ENCUMBER Process

This job reads the records/entries in a work file created by BM3007 (Order Liquidation/Re-encumber Selection Screen). The records/entries are then processed and the qualified purchase orders are liquidated and optionally re-encumbered. A report, BM3209, is provided displaying the transactions to be processed.
BM3209    Liquidation/RE-ENCUMBRANCE Process
Special Instructions None
Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups None
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time 10 MIN
Recovery/Restart This job is not restartable without analyst support.


BM3209-BTCH-DATE The date (YYMMDD) to be assigned to the batch number. Defaults to the scheduled run date.
BM3209-ENC-PER The year/month (YYMM) in which to record purchase order re-encumbrances.
BM3209-FINAL Trial or Final run option.
N = Trial run, no update (Default)
Y = Final run
BM3209-LIQ-PER The year/month (YYMM) in which to record purchase order liquidations.

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 06:54 AM