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COA Processing

This job group prints the Chart of Accounts log file(optional) and performs the following updates: 1. Updates pending Budgeting Index changes to the fund/appropriation information table (screen GA1090), program information table (screen GA1091), and organization information table (screen GA1092). 2. Updates the accounting/budget crossreference (ACCT-BDGT-XREF-D) table with any budgeting index changes. 3. Updates the account/GL crossreference (LEDG-REF-D) table with any changes to general ledgers or transaction codes.
Special Instructions The parameters that appear will depend on the jobs that are selected. If job group aborts on job GA1217J with error message GA19020011-TRANS-CD (TRNS-CD-TBL-M) is invalid, it is possible a blank account structure exists.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
O 01 00 GA1210J
COA Maintenance Log File Report
  COA Maintenance Log File Report (GA1210)
R 02 01 GA1217J
Batch Update of Budget Index Changes
  Batch Update of Budget Index Changes (GA1217)
R 03 02 GA1222J
Extract TRNS-CD/GL Changes - COA Log
R 04 03 GA1223J
Update GL Changes to LEDG-REF-D
R 05 04 GA1221J
Reset COA Log File


GA1210-BEG-DATE The beginning date for which records are to be printed (YYMMDD)
GA1210-DATASET Enter a dataset name to print a particular set or ALL to print all transactions in the log
GA1210-END-DATE The ending date for which records are to be printed (YYMMDD)
GA1210-ERROR-OPT Y = Yes, print only transactions that have errors
N = No, do not pirnt only transactions that have errors; print all transactions

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM