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Cash and Investment Reporting

This job group extracts cash and investment data and prints related reports.
Special Instructions The parameters that appear will depend on the jobs that are selected.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 GA1340J
Cash and Investment Report Extract
O 02 01 GA1341J
Investment Report
  Investment Report (GA1341)
O 03 01 GA1342J
Cash and Investment Summary
  Cash and Investment Summary (GA1342)
O 04 01 GA1343J
Cash and Investment Detail
  Cash and Investment Detail (GA1343)


GA1340-BEG-DATE The beginning batch enter date (YYMMDD) or the the beginning posting period (YYMM) for which detail transactions are to be extracted. If left blank, the date following the last end date for GA1340J is used.
GA1340-END-DATE The ending batch enter date (YYMMDD) or the ending posting period for which detail transactions are to be extracted. If left blank, a batch enter date for the current date is used.
GA1340-EXC-POOL Indicates whether pooled cash transactions should be included in the extract.
N = No, do not exclude pooled cash transactions.
Y = Yes, exclude pooled cash transactions.
GA1340-INC-PREV Indicates whether fiscal to-date balances should be carried forward from the previous fiscal year. This is to be used during the period between the beginning of the new fiscal year and the actual closing of the previous fiscal year. <R>
N = No, do not include previous fiscal year amounts.
Y = Yes, include previous fiscal year amounts.
GA1342-RPT-SEL A = Print report by Appropriation Index
F = Print report by Fund
B = Print both reports
GA1343-SORT-OPT 1 = Sort by Batch Number
2 = Sort by Enter Date, Batch Number
3 = Sort by Document Number, Ref Document Number, Batch Number
4 = Sort by Account Structure, Batch Number
5 = Sort by Transaction Description, Batch Number

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM