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Customer Accounts Purge

This job group extracts and removes records from the Customer Account & History file. Once removed the records are reported on the Customer Accounts Purge Report (BM1767). This job group can optionally perform the Invoice Purge Process. The purged invoices are reported on the Purged Invoice List Report. This job group can optionally perform the Customer Purge Process. The purged customers are reported on the Purged Customer List Report. This job group can optionally perform the Sponsorship Purge Process. The purged sponsorships are reported on the Sponsorship Purge Report. This job group is run at District level.
Special Instructions No other users or processes be can accessing the CA database. This job group must be scheduled using X mode.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 BM1765J
Customer Accounts Purge - Phase I
R 02 01 BM1766J
Customer Accounts Purge - Phase II
R 03 02 BM1767J
Customer Accounts Purge - Phase III
  Customer Accounts Purge Report (BM1767)
O 04 03 BM1751J
Sponsorship Purge Process
  Sponsorship Purge Report (BM1751)
O 05 04 BM1749J
Invoice Purge Process
  Purged Invoice List (BM1749)
O 06 05 BM1750J
Customer Purge Process
  Purged Customer List (BM1750)


BM1750-CUST-TYP Enter up to four customer ID types, separating each type by a comma. For example, enter S,E,O,V to process students, employees, other and vendors. If left blank or "ALL" is entered, the BM1750-DEL-ALL parameter will be set to N and only records marked for deletion will be processed.
BM1750-DEL-ALL Y = Delete all eligible CUST-M records.
N = Delete only records marked for deletion.
PURGE-YRS All records up to and including the year-session specified, will be deleted from the history file (YYYS).
YRS-PURGE-OPT Y = Purge sponsorships with a year/session equal or prior to the purge year/session regardless of balance or edit status. (Sponsorships with no year/session specified are not affected by this option.)
N = Apply balance and edit status criteria to all sponsorships.

Distribution: FMS
Created: TUE, SEP 08, 2020, 11:34 AM