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IPEDS Fall Staff Survey

This job group produces the IPEDS Fall Staff Survey reports and optionally sends the IPEDS information to central site for consolidated reporting.
Special Instructions CR6334J and CR6335J should be selected only when the IPEDS report has been verified to be correct and is ready to be sent to SBCTC. CR6334J and CR6335J should only be selected by the community and technical colleges and SBCTC. (Eastern and Evergreen should not select these two jobs.)
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 CR6332J
IPEDS Staff Survey Extract
  IPEDS Staff Survey Exception Report (CR6332)
R 02 01 CR6333J
IPEDS Staff Survey Report
  IPEDS Staff Survey Detail Report (CR6333A)
  Higher Education IPEDS Staff Information Survey (CR6333B)
O 03 02 CR6334J
Send IPEDS Staff Survey
O 04 03 CR6335J
Send IPEDS Staff Survey Parameters


CR6332-SOFT Enter up to 12 three character codes separated by commas to pick up jobs paid from soft money. These codes are the first 3 characters of the account code(appropriation index).
CR6333A-OPT N or spaces = No Detail Report
D = Report in Dept/Job Class sequence
J = Report in Job Class sequence
CR6333A-TOT N or spaces = No Detail Report
C = Campus totals only
I = Institution totals only
B = Campus and Institution totals only
O = Occupation totals only
These parameters must be numeric and cannot contain any decimal positions. The values entered will be printed and totaled on the CR6333B report and sent to central site. The two values entered for each parameter must be six digits long, cont- ain leading zeroes and be separated by a comma (example of parameter entry - 000014,000008). The first value per parameter is the number of full time employees whose sevices are contracted or donated and the second value is the number of part time employees whose services are contracted or donated. CR6333B-GRP1 = Executive/Administrative/Managerial CR6333B-GRP2 = Faculty CR6333B-GRP3 = Other professionals CR6333B-GRP4 = Technical/Paraprofessionals CR6333B-GRP5 = Clerical/Secretarial CR6333B-GRP6 = Skilled Crafts CR6333B-GRP7 = Service Maintenance.
DISTRICT-COL-1 DISTRICT-COL parameters are for multi-campus DISTRICTS ONLY. These parameters allow the Districts to combine their campus(s) for the electronic upload file. These parameters do not affect the paper reports. Enter the 3-digit campus IDs (up to 5 per line) with a comma between. Example: DISTRICT-COL-1 062,060,065 DISTRICT-COL-2 063 DISTRICT-COL-3 064 DISTRICT-COL-4 DISTRICT-COL-5 In the example above campus 060 and 065 will be combined into campus 062 and will be reported under the IPEDS UNIT ID for 062. Campus 063 and 064 will each be reported separately with their own IPEDS UNIT ID.
If multi-campus Districts wish to report all their campus(s) separately - either leave all parameters blank - or enter each single campus on a separate line: Example: DISTRICT-COL-1 170 DISTRICT-COL-2 171 DISTRICT-COL-3 172 DISTRICT-COL-4 DISTRICT-COL-5
Leave all DISTRICT-COL parameters blank if your institution is a single-campus college.
IPEDS-AS-OF-DATE The date (MMDDYY) that the report should be as of.

Distribution: PPMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM