PPMS Job Scheduling
PSxxxxJ PGxxxx Other

PG001D Daily Processing
PG002D Employee ID Changes
PG003D Daily Employee Audit
PG004D Applicant ID Changes
PG005D Payroll Sched. Verification
PG100W Weekly Processing
PG200M Monthly Processing - Check Date
PG201M Monthly Processing - Pay Period
PG202M Monthly Processing - Accounting Period
PG203M Leave Accrual Process
PG204M Periodic Increments
PG205M Insurance Reporting
PG206M State Deferred Compensation Reporting
PG207M SEIB LTD Reporting
PG209M State Retirement Reporting
PG210M State Retirement Transmittal Reporting
PG211M DRS Contract Earnings Redistribution
PG212M Monthly Expense Distribution Report
PG213M TIAA-CREF Reporting
PG214M Monthly Life Insurance Reporting
PG215M Grant IN-KIND Matching Reporting
PG216M SEMI-MONTHLY Deduction Reporting
PG217M Dependent Care Reporting
PG218M LWOP Date Adjustment Reports
PG219M Applicant Purge Processing
PG220M Flexible Spending Account Eligibility Reporting
PG221M OFM Human Resource Extract
PG221M-A Resubmit OFM Hr Schedule a
PG221M-B Resubmit OFM Hr Schedule B
PG222A OFM Emp Salary DB (Sesd)
PG223M Health Savings Acct Report
PG226M-A DRS New Hires Day 1 Thru 15
PG226M-B DRS New Hires Day 16 Thru 31
PG230M WFSE Reporting
PG240M WPEA Reporting
PG260M Hourly Sick Leave Accrual
PG270M Periodic Increments - St
PG300Q Employment Security Quarterly Reporting
PG301Q P/T Faculty Benefits Eligibility Tracking
PG303Q PFML Quarterly Reporting
PG400A Prev Yr Balance Adjustment
PG401A W-2 Processing
PG402A 1099-R Processing
PG403A Employer Sponsored Health Coverage
PG404A W-2 Confirmation Report
PG405A 1099-R Confirmation Report
PG407A HEPB Position Profile Report
PG408A IPEDS FULL-TIME Instructional Faculty Survey
PG409A HEPB Affirmative Action Reporting
PG411A Tiaa/Cref Study - Section 89
PG412A IPEDS Fall Staff Survey
PG415A IPEDS Assgn Position Report
PG416A IPEDS Combined Reporting
PG440A Annual Supp Retirement Study
PG442A SBCTC Salary Study Extract
PG500S Payroll Processing
PG500S-A Payroll Processing - Alternate Check Format
PG500S-R Payroll With Central Print
PG502S Expense Distribution Report
PG503S Payroll Cleanup
PG600R ON-REQUEST Employee Audit
PG601R Test Payroll
PG602R Auto Pay Rate Update
PG603R Test Leave Accrual Process
PG604R ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Report
PG607R Individual Employee Test Payroll
PG608R Employee Contract Print
PG609R Salary Forecasting Reporting
PG610R Mass Data Changes
PG611R Payroll Time Reporting
PG612R Separated Employee History Purge
PG614R SF - SBCCE Reporting Extract
PG615R Combined Fund Drive Extract
PG616R Build Reactivated PAYRH
PG617R Employee PIN Assignment
PG617R-A Employee PIN Assign/Delete
PG618R Employee Sid Processing
PG619R Create HCA Demographic Extract
PG620R Change File Test Payroll
PG640R Auto Time & Attend Download
PG650R Automated Time and Attendance Upload
PG655R Leave Reporting Upload
PG660R Central Employee Inquiry
PG800R Quarterly Staff Extract
PG801R Extract PMIS Job Class Info
PG803M SBCCE - Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
PG804R SBCTC - ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
PG805M PMIS/FMS POS Num Extract
PG806Q Load Job Class Info Into PMIS
PG807M Load Fiscal Year Expenses Into PMIS
PG811R FTF Sick Leave Usage Report
PG815Q Qrtrly Staff POS Num Extract
PG820Q Quarterly P/T Faculty Health Benefit Extract
PG822R Year End Leave Liability Rpt
PG830R Payroll Audit Reports

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