PPMS Job Scheduling
PSxxxxJ PGxxxx Other

PS0105J Employee ID Change Preprocess
PS0106J Employee ID Change Update
PS0109J Merge Employees to Audit
PS0110J Employee Audit
PS0114J Update Change File Information
PS0115J Employee Change Register
PS0120J Employee Audit Error Report
PS0123J Weekly Change File Merge
PS0141J Emp Email Address Upload
PS0200J Reset Weekly Change File
PS0201J Reset Monthly Change File
PS0205J ON-REQUEST Personnel Action Forms
PS0206J Personnel Action Forms
PS0210J ON-REQUEST Benefits Coverage Letters
PS0211J Benefits Coverage Letters
PS0215J LWOP Date Adjustment Extract
PS0216J LWOP Date Adjustment Report
PS0220J Employee PIN Extract
PS0221J Employee PIN Assignment/Deletion
PS0222J Employee PIN Notification
PS0223J Employee PIN Extract File Purge
PS0230J Employee Sid Maintenance Update
PS0240J Employee Sid Assignment Process
PS0250J Employee Sid Notification
PS0252J Reprint Employee Sid Notification Letters
PS0270J Web Employee Update Report
PS0300J Employee Split Name Report
PS0305J YEAR-TO-DATE Taxes and Taxable Grosses
PS0310J Monthly Employee Maintenance - Check Date
PS0315J Monthly Employee Maintenance Pay Period
PS0320J Update LTD Salary Base
PS0321J PTF LTD Salary Base Calculation
PS0325J Auto Pay Rate Update
PS0326J Periodic Increment Salary Update
PS0335J Periodic Increment Update
PS0340J Periodic Increment History Update
PS0350J Employee Balances Recovery
PS0355J Periodic Maintenance Audit
PS0360J Employee Account Distribution Edit
PS0365J Summary of Employee Benefits and Deductions
PS0370J Retirement Exception Report
PS0372J 90-DAY Pers Plan Selection Report
PS0375J Affirmative Action Reporting
PS0380J Retirement Age/Wait Period Update
PS0385J Exception Reporting For Sao
PS0386J Match Vendors to Employees For Sao
PS0410J Extract P/T Faculty Benefit Information
PS0415J Update P/T Faculty Benefit Information
PS0420J Yrq History Purge
PS0425J Yrq History Detail List
PS0430J P/T Faculty Benefit Eligibility Report
PS0500J Employee History Update
PS0510J Employee History Report - Partial
PS0511J Employee History Report - All
PS0515J Separated Employee History Report
PS0516J Separated Employee History Purge
PS1110J Time Transaction Update
PS1115J Payroll Batch Balance and Edit
PS1120J Payroll Transaction List
PS1127J Employee Type Payr Consolidation
PS1128J Change Test Employee Payroll Consl
PS1129J Individual Employees Payroll Consolidation
PS1130J Payroll Consolidation
PS1135J Payroll Input Register
PS1140J Payroll Input Reconciliation
PS1145J Payroll Transaction Cleanup
PS1150J Payroll Audit Cleanup
PS1151J Payroll File Purge
PS1152J Payroll File Squeeze
PS1155J Purge Payroll Transactions
PS1160J Copy Payroll Transactions
PS1200J Employee Type Auto Pay Generation
PS1201J Change Test Employee Auto Pay
PS1202J Individual Employee Automatic Payment
PS1203J Automatic Payment Generation
PS1204J Apply Shift Differential
PS1205J Gross Pay Calculation
PS1207J Create Change Test Payroll File
PS1210J GROSS-TO-NET Process
PS1211J GROSS-TO-NET Exception Report
PS1215J Total Gross Payroll
PS1216J Gross Balance Activity
PS1217J GROSS-TO-NET Activity
PS1220J Extract Check Print Tables
PS1221J Send Check Print Tables
PS1222J Receive Check Print Tables
PS1223J Send Check Print File
PS1224J Wait For Check Print File
PS1225J Payroll Distribution Initialization
PS1227J Employer Cost Overrides
PS1230J Employer Cost Distribution
PS1232J Employer Cost Update
PS1235J Update Payroll to Employee File
PS1240J Create Direct Deposit
PS1245J Payroll Expense EFT Summary
PS1250J Create Vendor EFT
PS1260J Vendor Interface Extract
PS1300J Load Check Print Tables
PS1301J Send Check Numbers File
PS1302J Wait For Check Numbers
PS1303J Over/Under Payroll Advice Print
PS1304J Over/Under Payroll Check Print
PS1305J Payroll Check Print
PS1306J Payroll Advice Print
PS1307J Check Print Wrapup
PS1308J Send ARP to Central Site
PS1309J Receive ARP
PS1310J Payroll Disbursement Finalization
PS1311J Central Check Print File Cleanup
PS1315J Payroll Audit Report
PS1316J Payroll Audit Report Index
PS1320J Payroll Register
PS1330J Detailed Deduction Reporting
PS1335J Deferred Compensation Reporting
PS1340J Savings Bond Reporting
PS1350J PFML Bulk Ded/Contrib Assignment
PS1375J Update Payroll History
PS1410J FMS Payroll Generation
PS1412J Summarize G.L. Transactions
PS1413J Automatic PPMS to FMS Update
PS1415J Expense Distribution Extract
PS1416J Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
PS1417J ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
PS1420J Expense Distribution Report
PS1421J Monthly Expense Distribution Report
PS1422J ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Report
PS1422JD Payroll Expense Detail For Sao
PS1422JS Payroll Expense Summary For Sao
PS1423J Expense Distr Summary by Campus/Fnd/Prg/Org/Sobj
PS1424J Monthly Expense Distribution Summary
PS1425J Vendor Payment Liability
PS1426J ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Summary
PS1430J Payroll Financial Aid Interface
PS1496J Send EFT File to Bank
PS1497J Send ARP File to Bank
PS1498J Load EFT File For Transfer
PS1499J Load ARP File For Transfr
PS1505J Employment & Payroll Report
PS1510J Departmental Leave Without Pay Report
PS1515J Earnings Type History Report
PS1520J IN-KIND Matching Extract
PS1525J IN-KIND Matching by IN-KIND Budget
PS1530J IN-KIND Matching by Employee
PS1535J IN-KIND Matching by Grant Budget
PS1537J Purge IN-KIND Extract
PS1540J IN-KIND Matching Detail List
PS1545J Contract and Grant Certification
PS1550J Extract Salary and Wage File
PS1555J Employee Contract and Grant Certification
PS1560J Employer Cost Report
PS1600J Payroll History Archival
PS1605J Payroll History Purge
PS1610J Previous Balance Update
PS1614J Build Archival Reactivation PAYRH
PS1615J PAYRH Archival Reactivation
PS1640J Auto Time and Att Download Extract
PS1641J Auto Time & Att Download Ftp Job
PS1644J Auto Time and Att Upload Ftp
PS1645J Auto Time and Attendance Upload
PS1647J Leave Reporting File Upload
PS1648J Leave Reporting File Posting
PS1705J Payroll History Report
PS1706J Employee Payroll History Report
PS1710J Payroll Time Reports
PS1711J Update Time Report File
PS1715J Contract Exception Report
PS1720J Expense Transfer History Report
PS1725J Employee Tracking Report
PS1730J Hourly Earnings Tracking Report
PS1760J Expense Transfer OUT-OF-BALANCE Report
PS1765J Automatic Expense Transfer Process
PS1770J Position Discrepancy Report
PS1771J Position Control Data Report
PS1775J Clear Group Position Num From Jobs
PS1780J L&I Hours/Premium Rpt by Payroll
PS1781J L&I Hours Premium Rpt
PS1785J Employee Maximum Reduction Report
PS2100J Leave Accrual Process
PS2101J Leave Information Purge
PS2102J Post Leave Accrual Transactions
PS2103J Purge Leave Accrual File
PS2110J Hourly Sick Leave Accrual
PS2112J Hourly Sick Leave Posting
PS2148J Build Dummy Leave File
PS2149J Leave Audit Report
PS2150J ON-REQUEST Leave Audit Report
PS2151J Leave Balance Report
PS2152J Accrued Leave Liability Report
PS2153J Eligible For Sick Leave Buyout
PS2154J Leave Balances Audit Report
PS2160J Year End Leave Liability Report
PS2161J Send Year End Leave Liability File
PS2200J Employee Compensatory Time Report
PS3000J Employee Directory
PS3005J Classified Staff Directory
PS4015J Course Schedule Change Register
PS4020J Class Personnel Action Forms
PS4025J Special Assignment Personnel Action Forms
PS4030J Contract Print Extract
PS4031J Contract Print
PS4035J Classes Not Approved
PS4036J Contract Tracking Report
PS4037J Contract Salary Summary by Account
PS4038J Employee Contract MPE File Extract
PS4040J Update Contracts to Job Screen
PS4045J Jobs Deleted Due to Contract Change
PS4050J Contract File Purge
PS5020J Applicant Split Name Report
PS5100J PRE-APP Purge and Notice Process
PS5110J Applicant Flow Report
PS5115J Recruitment Flow Report
PS5120J Applicant Purge Extract & Report
PS5121J Applicant Purge Process
PS5125J Applicant ID Change PRE-PROCESS
PS5126J Applicant ID Change Process
PS8101J Mailing Labels
PS8102J Mass Data Changes
PS8103J Campus Mailing Labels
PS8104J Extract Initialized Payroll Schedule
PS8105J Merge Payroll Schedule
PS8106J Purge Data Express Extract File
PS9101J PPMS Common Table Update
PS9102J Apply Salary Changes to Pay Scale Table
PS9103J Update Job Class Table From Pay Scale Table

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