PPMS Job Scheduling
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Merge Payroll Schedule

The purpose of this job is to merge payroll schedules that are transported into PRO1 from all processors. This will allow data control to run a DataExpress report to check the college's scheduled payroll.
Special Instructions For WCCCC data control staff only.
Frequency Daily
Scheduling Restrictions Job Group Only
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups
PG950R     Merge Remote Job Scheduling
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time None
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


PS8105-ABORT-CON A = Abort if file not found
C = Continue whether file found or not.
PS8105-PURGE-IND Y = Purge files after they have been merged.
N = Do not purge files after they have been merged.

Distribution: PPMS P300
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:28 AM