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Transfer SNG Archival File

This job transfers the SNG Archival Report file to the community college processors. This file is updated by the Higher Education Coordinating Board on a weekly basis. The updated file will be downloaded by CIS staff from the Higher Education Coordinating Board web site on a weekly basis. This file will then be uploaded to the system processor as SM9812S.FAS (record size = 52, ASCII). After the upload is complete, SM9801J must be run to complete the transfer of the file to each Washington Community College. Data Express procedure SM9898R can then be run by the colleges to identify which of their financial students were reported in the archival file.
Special Instructions This job is run by the CIS staff only.
Frequency Annually
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups None
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time 10 minutes
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.



Distribution: FAS PALL
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:38 AM