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Attendance Report

This job prints the Attendance Report for students extracted through the enrollment or generalized enrollment extract.
UU1205    Attendance Report
Special Instructions None
Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions Job Group Only
Execution Time None
Job Completion Status GROUPFAIL
Job Groups
UG025R-A     Attendance Report (123)
UG025R-B     Attendance Report (123)
Job Dependency SM5203J - Enrollment Extract or SM5209J - Generalized Enrollment Extract
Operator Instructions SF
Estimated Run Time None
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


UU1205-BEG-WEEK Enter the starting week in MMDDYY format.
UU1205-END-WEEK Enter the ending week in MMDDYY format.
The preprinted block on the Attendance Report is used to identify the class type (high school, college or vocational) and class item number. Class Item Number is marked in lines 3 through 6 of the preprinted block. Alpha characters A through H are converted to 0 through 9. Line 1 of the preprinted block is used to identify the class type based on the value of institutional intent. Currently, marks 0 through 2 are used to identify the following: Mark 0 = High School Mark 1 = College Mark 2 = Vocational Use parameters UU1205-MARK0 through UU1205-MARK2 to select the institutional intent codes for each class type, separating each code by a comma. A default class type can be selected by entering a "*" as the parameter value. For example: UU1205-MARK0 = * UU1205-MARK1 = 13 UU1205-MARK2 = 21,22,23 In this example, all classes with an institutional intent code other than 13, 21, 22 or 23 will have a mark of 0.
UU1205-SRT-OPT Report Sort Options are:
01 = Course ID, Item Number
04 = Item Number
05 = Instructor Name, Item Number
07 = Admin. Unit (first position), Instructor Name, Item Number
08 = Instructor Distribution, Instruction Name, Item Number
09 = Admin. Unit, Course ID, Section
11 = Admin. Unit, Instructor Name, Course ID, Section
12 = Instructor Name, Course ID, Section
17 = Admin. Unit, Course ID, Item Number
YRQ Enter the year-quarter to be processed.

Distribution: SMS P123
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:46 AM