College Unique Job Scheduling
UFxxxxJ UPxxxxJ UUxxxxJ UGxxxx Other

UP0000J Bundle Payroll Balancing Files - Eastern/Evergreen
UP0001J Send Dummy ARP to Central Site
UP0002J Send Dummy Central Accounting
UP0003J Send Dummy Chief to Central Site
UP0004J Send Dummy OFM to Central Site
UP1801J Big Bend - Merge Salary and Wage
UP1814J Split 180 European Direct Deposits
UP1815J Big Bend European Direct Deposits
UP1816J Send 180 European Direct Deposits
UP2300J Edmonds Staff/Faculty At&T Extract
UP2305J Edmonds At&T Staff/Faculty Update
UP2401J Send MIS to P122
UP3300J EWU Financial Extract
UP3305J EWU Financial File Generation
UP3310J Eastern Expense Distribution Extract
UP3311J Eastern Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
UP3312J Eastern ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
UP3315J HEPB Position Profile Detail - EWU
UP3320J Eastern Payroll History Update
UP3325J Eastern Payroll History Report
UP3330J TIAA-CREF Tape Process (Extract)
UP3331J TIAA-CREF Tape Process
UP3332J TIAA-CREF Tape (Data Express) Rpt
UP3501J Evergreen - Positive Pay Payroll
UP3505J Evergreen Financial File Gen.
UP3510J Evergreen Expense Distribution Extract
UP3511J Evergreen Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
UP3512J Evergreen ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
UP3515J HEPB Position Profile Detail - Evergreen
UP3520J Employee History Onetime Update
UP3530J Evergreen Work Study Split
UP3599J Evergreen Account Code Conversion
UP4005J Usbank - Cast Extract
UP4010J Usbank - Cast Update W/Report
UP9002J Wait For Faculty Sick Leave Data
UP9005J Set "Temp Hourly" EMP-MISC-NUM #76

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