College Unique Job Scheduling
UFxxxxJ UPxxxxJ UUxxxxJ UGxxxx Other

UP0000J Bundle Payroll Balancing Files - Eastern/Evergreen
UP0001J Send Dummy ARP to Central Site
UP0002J Send Dummy Central Accounting
UP0003J Send Dummy Chief to Central Site
UP0004J Send Dummy OFM to Central Site
UP1010J Auto Refund of Wa Cares/Ltc Ded'S
UP1801J Big Bend - Merge Salary and Wage
UP1814J Split 180 European Direct Deposits
UP1815J Big Bend European Direct Deposits
UP1816J Send 180 European Direct Deposits
UP2300J Edmonds Staff/Faculty At&T Extract
UP2305J Edmonds At&T Staff/Faculty Update
UP2401J Send MIS to P122
UP3300J EWU Financial Extract
UP3305J EWU Financial File Generation
UP3310J Eastern Expense Distribution Extract
UP3311J Eastern Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
UP3312J Eastern ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
UP3315J HEPB Position Profile Detail - EWU
UP3320J Eastern Payroll History Update
UP3325J Eastern Payroll History Report
UP3330J TIAA-CREF Tape Process (Extract)
UP3331J TIAA-CREF Tape Process
UP3332J TIAA-CREF Tape (Data Express) Rpt
UP3501J Evergreen - Positive Pay Payroll
UP3505J Evergreen Financial File Gen.
UP3510J Evergreen Expense Distribution Extract
UP3511J Evergreen Monthly Expense Distribution Extract
UP3512J Evergreen ON-REQUEST Expense Distribution Extract
UP3515J HEPB Position Profile Detail - Evergreen
UP3520J Employee History Onetime Update
UP3530J Evergreen Work Study Split
UP3599J Evergreen Account Code Conversion
UP4005J Usbank - Cast Extract
UP4010J Usbank - Cast Update W/Report
UP9002J Wait For Faculty Sick Leave Data
UP9005J Set "Temp Hourly" EMP-MISC-NUM #76

Created: THU, FEB 03, 2022, 03:53 PM