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Finaid Check Calculation

This job group performs the check calculation routine, updates the tracking file with the check calculation tracking code and builds a file of check information that will be transferred to the Financial Management Accounts Payable System.
Special Instructions Job Group FG036D must be scheduled to run after this on the FMS processor.
Operator Instructions SM9408J : SF

The Check Release Form (SM9408B) will require a special form to be mounted. The default form identification entered is F9510J (one part 9510 NCR paper). If more than one part forms are desired, override the form identification default using the report default screen. F9510J should be changed to F9510Jn where n = number of copies. This must be done prior to scheduling the job group.

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 SM9407J
Finaid Check Calculation Extract
  Financial Aid Rejected Check List (SM9407)
R 02 01 SM9408J
Finaid Check Calculation Update
  Financial Aid Pending Check List (SM9408A)
  Financial Aid Check Release Form (SM9408B)
R 03 02 SM9099J
Purge Financial Aid Extract File


CHKFORM-FILE Name of the check release form editor file created using the text editor. Valid names are CHKFORM1 through CHKFORM9.
SM9407-CHK-DATE Enter the scheduled payment date in MMDDYY format.
SM9407-NAME-MSG Enter Y to print the SMS Name warning message on the Rejected Check report if it differs from the FAS Name. The student's check will be calculated if no other error exists.
SM9407-RUN-NUM If processing awards in increments (SM9407-RUN-TYP = P or B), a check run number must be entered (valid values are 01 through 10). If processing full checks only, enter a value of
SM9407-RUN-TYP Type of check run. Valid options are:
F = Paid in full checks only (default option)
P = Partial award payments
B = Process both paid in full checks and partial award payments
SM9407-STRT-DATE The latest date at which a student may begin their program to be considered for check calculation. FORMAT: MMDDYY (default is 123199).
SM9407-YRQ-LINE Enter the year-session(s) to be processed. Up to 5 year-sessions separated by a space may be entered. For example, 9902 9903 9904.
SM9408-UPD-ACAD Option to update hours attempted on the Student Academic record with quarterly credits registered (Y or N).

Distribution: FAS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 06:54 AM