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Finaid Check Calculation Extract

This job will create an extract file of students who are eligible for financial aid checks. Students who have accepted awards and have not previously been issued a check (identified by tracking code WCCSM9408-CHK-CALC) or students who have accepted awards that are designated to be paid in increments will be reviewed. Students who are reviewed but not extracted will be listed on the Financial Aid Rejected Check List. Options controlled through TABLE-MAS entries are:

WCCSM9407-SNG = State Award Code (e.g., 09).

WCCSM9407-RES-CDS = State Residency Status Codes. Up to 10 2 character codes may be specified (e.g., SRWA). If the student has a state award (WCCSM9407-SNG) but is not a resident, the student will appear on the Rejected Check List.

WCCSM9407-SEPR-CHK = Award Codes that should be separate checks. Up to 20 2-character award codes may be specified (e.g., 040509).

WCCSM9408-CHK-CALC = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates a check has previously been calculated (e.g., CC).

WCCSM9407-OVERRIDE = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates a check should be calculated even if a prior disbursement is not recorded in the Finaid Expenditure file (e.g., OV).

WCCSM9400-AUTHFORM = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates an authorization form has been produced. If this entry does NOT exist, authorization forms will not be required to calculate a check.

WCCSM9407-FEECLASS = Fee classes that should be checked in the customer accounts payment files if a disbursement is not recorded in the Financial Aid Expenditure file. Up to 10 fee classes may be entered, separated by a space. A ^ sign may be used as a wild card (e.g., 1^ 20).

WCCENROLL-LEVEL1 & WCCENROLL-LEVEL2 = Enrollment credit ranges and associated enrollment codes. Up to 6 credit range/enrollment codes may be entered in the format SSS-EEE=CC where SSS = the starting credit range (with 1 decimal position), EEE = ending credit range (with 1 decimal position) and CC = enrollment code (e.g., 000-059=05 060-089=02 090-119=3 012-999=01).

WCCACADPROG-EDITS = Entry to activate all edits (enrollment and academic progress edits).

WCCTERMINATE-TRACK = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates that a student has been terminated from financial aid (e.g. TM). Disbursement will be blocked for this student.

WCCPROBATION-TRACK = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates that a student has been put on financial aid probation (e.g. PB). Disbursement will be blocked unless the following parameter is set.

WCCPROB-DISB-OPT = Probation disbursment option. If set to "Y", disbursement will occur for students on probation. A warning message will be written to the Rejected Check List.

WCCSTARTDATE-TRACK = Tracking code (2 characters) that indicates the program entry date for a student (e.g., SD).

WCCSM9407-PCT-ATTD = The minimum percentage of available attendance hours the student must have for disbursement to occur (e.g., 090).

WCCSM9407-CUM-GPA = The minimum cumulative GPA the student must have for disbursement to occur (e.g., 2.00).

WCCSM9407-SES-GPA = The minimum session GPA the student must have for disbursement to occur (e.g., 2.00).

WCCSM9407-PARTAWD1 through WCCSM9407-PARTAWD2 = Awards that are paid in increments. Up to 26 awards or award code ranges may be entered.

WCCSM9407-PARTCK01 through WCCSM9407-PARTCK10 = Tracking codes and percentages for each award increment. Format is TT nnn.n where TT = tracking code and nnn.n is the award percentage. Tracking codes must be valid entries under TABLE-MAS item 143.

SM9407    Financial Aid Rejected Check List
Special Instructions None
Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions Job Group Only
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status GROUPFAIL
Job Groups
AG905R     Finaid Prelim Check Calc
AG906R     Finaid Check Calculation
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions None
Estimated Run Time 1 to 3 hours
Recovery/Restart This job is not restartable without analyst support.


SM9407-CHK-DATE Enter the scheduled payment date in MMDDYY format.
SM9407-NAME-MSG Enter Y to print the SMS Name warning message on the Rejected Check report if it differs from the FAS Name. The student's check will be calculated if no other error exists.
SM9407-RUN-NUM If processing awards in increments (SM9407-RUN-TYP = P or B), a check run number must be entered (valid values are 01 through 10). If processing full checks only, enter a value of
SM9407-RUN-TYP Type of check run. Valid options are:
F = Paid in full checks only (default option)
P = Partial award payments
B = Process both paid in full checks and partial award payments
SM9407-STRT-DATE The latest date at which a student may begin their program to be considered for check calculation. FORMAT: MMDDYY (default is 123199).
SM9407-YRQ-LINE Enter the year-session(s) to be processed. Up to 5 year-sessions separated by a space may be entered. For example, 9902 9903 9904.

Distribution: FAS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:38 AM