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Land Inventory Reporting

This job group extracts and reports land records from the Fixed Asset database (INVEN).
Special Instructions MM5301S2-LINE01 thru LINE11 - There are 11 lines, 60 spaces per line, available for en-tering selection criteria. Separation of each selection criteria is indicated by a semi-colon (;). The format is: SHORT DATA ELEMENT NAME space OPERATOR space VALUE Short Data Element Name - refers to the name of the data element that you wish to sort the report on. Operator - refers to the valid comparison operators and descriptions available for specifying selected equipment items. These are: <R>EQ - Equal to. <R>NE - Not equal to. <R>GT - Greater than. <R>GE - Greater than or equal to. <R>LT - Less than. <R>LE - Less than or equal to. <R>IN - In the range. (Inclusive) <R>OR - Or. <R>Value - refers to entering a value for an alpha/numeric data item. If that item contains embedded blanks, (i.e., MANUF), the value (name of manufacturer) must be in quotes. <R>EXAMPLE "HEWLETT PACKARD" <R>Extracting values with the same data element name implies an OR condition. Extracting values with different data element names implies an AND condition. <R>EXAMPLES: <R>1. Select all equipment records that have not been disposed. <R>MM5301S2-LINE01 DISPOSE-STAT EQ " " <R>2. Select all equipment records related to Computing Support where manufacturer is Hewlett-Packard that have been lost or stolen. <R>MM5301S2-LINE01 NACUBO-PRG EQ 44; MANUF EQ "HEWLETT PACKARD" <R>MM5301S2-LINE02 DISPOSE-STAT EQ 2 OR 3 <R>The parameters that appear will depend on the jobs that are selected.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 MM5302J
Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract
  Facilities and Equipment Generalized Extract Repor (MM5301)
O 02 01 MM5104J
Land Listing
  Land Listing (MM5104)
O 03 02 MM5119J
Report of Land Inventory Holdings
  Report of Land Inventory Holdings (MM5119)
O 04 03 MM5126J
Incomplete Record and Error Report For Land
  Incomplete Record and Error Report For Land (MM5126)
R 05 04 MM5305J
FAE Extract File Purge


FAE-COL The 3-digit college code to be extracted or "ALL", 999 for all colleges. A district may also be specified by entering district number followed by an "X" (e.g., 88X).
MM5119-SORT-OPT 01 = Sort by parcel number
02 = Sort by county, parcel number
03 = Sort by commodity group, parcel number
Extract parameter lines

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM