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System Expenditure/Revenue Monitoring

This job group updates information to the SBCTC database and provides reports comparing actual expenditure/revenue/encumbrance data to allotments for the community college system. The job group also produces a system wide tuition revenue report and annual financial statements.
Special Instructions This group is restricted to SBCTC use only and should be scheduled a few days after month-end processing. The parameters that appear will depend on the jobs that are selected.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 CR2102J
Transfer Accounting/Budget Data to SBCCE Database
  SBCCE Database Load Status Report (CR2102)
R 02 01 CR2008J
SBCCE Database Audit
  SBCCE Database Audit (CR2008)
R 03 02 CR2133J
SBCCE Database Load (FAE)
  FAE Load For SBCCE Reporting (CR2133)
O 04 03 CR2001J
Tuition Revenue Report - SBCCE
  Tuition Revenue Report - SBCCE (CR2001)
O 05 03 CR2127J
System Annual Financial Statements
  General Ledger Trial Balance (CR2127A)
  Expenditure Report (CR2127B)
  Revenue Report (CR2127C)
  Due to/From Report (CR2127D)
O 06 03 CR2002J
Community College Revenue Summary
  Community College Revenue Summary (CR2002)
O 07 03 CR2003J
Fund/Appropriation Expenditure Summary
  Community College Fund/Appropriation Expenditure S (CR2003)
O 08 03 CR2006J
Community College Balance Sheet
  Community College Balance Sheet (CR2006)
O 09 03 CR2012J
Prg/Obj Expenditure Summary
  Prg/Obj Expenditure Summary (CR2012)
O 10 03 CR2135J
Revenue Summary Report
  Community College Revenue Summary (CR2135)
O 11 03 CR6421J
Pension Contribution Base
  Pension Contribution Base (CR6421)
R 12 03 CR2702J
Smart Buy Data Send to PRO1 SBCTC


CR2006-RPT-PER M = for the month only
F = for the fiscal year
CR2006-RPT-TYP 1 = By Fund
4 = All Funds
CR2012-DST-OPT This affects the system reports, E thru H. C = Selects community college records only T = Selects technical college records only B = Selects all records
CR2012-PARM This is a table of PRG entries that are to be converted to a different PRG entry. The format is XXX,XXX , where the second and third characters of the field may be a wild card. (e.g., 1XX,110) All 1XX programs will be changed to the 110 program number.
CR2012-RPT-OPT Any set of letters between "A" through F (inclusive); e.g., "AFB".
CR2012-RPT-PER M = Print current month
F = Print fiscal to date
B = Print biennium to date
CR2127-FND-570 Y = Yes, convert funds 571 and 572 to 570
N = No, do not convert funds 571 and 572 to 570
CR2127-FND-840 Y = Yes, convert fund 841 to 840.
N = No, do not convert fund 841 to 840.
CR2127-FND-849 Y = Yes, convert funds 991 thru 995 to 849.
N = No, do not convert funds 991 thru 995 to 849.
CR2127-SUMM-ONLY Y = Yes, print summary reports only.
N = No, do not print summary reports only; print both detail and summary reports.
CR2135-FUND-LIST Indicates the fund(s) to be selected. One or more funds may be specified, separated by commas. A range of funds may be entered using a colon. All funds may be selected by entering 'ALL' or leaving blank.
CR2135-RPT-PER M = Print Month to Date
F = Print Fiscal to Date
B = Print Biennium to Date
CR2135-YR-MO The year/month to be processed (YYMM).
CR6421-DST-CD Enter 99 to print all districts and a system summary. Enter up to 20 individual districts separated by commas to print only specific districts.
CR6421-FNDS The funds to be reported. Enter up to 15 funds separated by commas.
CR6421-FYR The fiscal year to be reported (1993-94 = 9394).
FYR The fiscal year to be processed (YYYY). For example, 0203
YR-MO The year-month to be processed (YYMM).

Distribution: FMS
Created: THU, FEB 16, 2012, 02:49 PM