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FAE/SARS Process - Preliminary

This job group provides the capability of extracting SARS data from the Fixed Asset database and producing preliminary reports.
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 CR2111J
FAE/SARS Interface Extract
  FAE/SARS Interface Extract Errors (CR2111A)
  FAE/SARS Interface Extract Counts (CR2111B)
  Building Depreciation Detail Report (CR2111C)
  Equipment Depreciation Detail Report (CR2111D)
  Land Detail Report (CR2111E)
R 02 01 CR2126J
FAE/SARS Interface Listing
  FAE/SARS Interface Listing (CR2126)
R 03 02 CR2128J
Annual Fixed Asset Report
  Annual Fixed Asset Report (CR2128)


CR2111-YYMM The year/month for which the extract is to be performed. (YYMM)
CR2126-RPT-OPT C = Print report by college
D = Print report by district
CR2126-SELECT ccc = College Code (only valid for CR2126-RPT-OPT = C)
ddX = District Code
999 = System Summary
CR2128-RPT-OPT C = Produce Report by College
D = Produce Report by District
B = Produce Both
CR2128-SELECT ccc = College Code (only valid for CR2128-RPT-OPT = C)
ddx = District Code
999 = System Summary

Distribution: FMS
Created: FRI, MAY 29, 2015, 02:41 PM