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AFRS Merged Reports - All

This job group prints the AFRS reports that have been sent to the CTC. This job group also merges the data files for each report and transports the merged files to PRO1.
Special Instructions This job group is restricted to CTC use only.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 CR2366J
Receive AFRS IN-PROCESS Transactions
R 02 01 CR2365J
Receive AFRS Error Report
R 03 02 CR2364J
Receive AFRS/FMS Cross Reference
R 04 03 CR2363J
Receive AFRS Not Reported
R 05 04 CR2362J
Receive - AFRS Accounting Trans
R 06 01 CR2371J
Merge/Print AFRS IN-PROCESS Trans
  AFRS IN-PROCESS Transactions (CR2356)
R 07 02 CR2370J
Merge/Print AFRS Error File
  AFRS Extract Error List (CR2355)
R 08 03 CR2369J
Merge/Print AFRS/FMS X-REF
  AFRS/FMS Cross Reference (CR2354)
R 09 04 CR2368J
Merge/Print AFRS Not Reported
  AFRS Not Reported (CR2353)
R 10 05 CR2367J
Merge/Print AFRS Accounting Trans
  AFRS Accounting Transactions Report (CR2352)



Distribution: CTC
Created: THU, MAR 13, 2014, 02:45 PM