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Auto Application of Finaid

This job group automatically applies financial aid awards and sponsorships to students with open charges. Students are selected for the auto-application process based on the date of their registration and/or cashiering activity. All open charges for the selected students and year/session specified are selected for payment.
Special Instructions None
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Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 BM1707J
Auto Application of Financial Aid
R 02 01 BM1708J
Auto Application of Finaid Report
  Auto Application of Financial Aid - Application (BM1708A)
  Auto Application of Financial Aid - Exceptions (BM1708B)


BM1707-CHRG-DATE Students are selected if they have registration and/or cashiering activity on or before the date entered. The date can be entered in YYMDD format or as a whole number. To select all students enter the current date or a zero. Default is
BM1707-FEECALC Y - Apply financial aid to fee calculation charges only.
N - Apply financial aid to all charges.
BM1707-FIN-PROG F - Process Financial Aid Only
S - Process Sponsorship Only
Blank - Process All
BM1707-LDEV The logical device number to use when creating the cashiering session for the automatic application process. This value may not duplicate any device defined to HP3000 cpu.
BM1707-RFND-SPN Y - Process refunds for sponsorships
N - Do not process refunds for sponsorships
BM1707-RFND-TRN Y - Process refunds for transfer only financial aid program.
N - Do not process refunds for transfer only financial aid programs.
BM1707-STRT-DATE The latest date at which a student may begin their program to be considered for automatic application. Format: YYMMDD (default is 991231)
BM1707-TRACK-CD The SAFERs tracking code to be added to each student when the automatic application of financial aid occurs. No tracking code will be added if this parameter is left blank.
BM1707-TRIAL Y - Trial run - generate preliminary reports
N - Final run - apply payments
BM1707-YRS The year/session to be processed.
BM1707-Z-OPT Y - Z the session upon completion of the automatic application process
N - Leave the batch open
BM1708-NAME-SRT Y - Sort reports by student name
N - Sort reports by student ID

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM