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Process Bookstore Chrg File

This job group extracts and reports bookstore charge records from the bookstore processor. Report GA1209 displays the general ledger transactions for department charges. Report BM1740 displays the student charges that will be posted to POS (Point of Sale), CA (Customer Accounts), and FAEXP (Financial Aid Expenditures).
Special Instructions Prior to scheduling FG150R, you will need to run the online process UF1002. UF1002 will transfer the UF1001S file from the bookstore processor to the HP, where the UF1001S will be renamed UF1001S0. After the transfer is complete, UF1002 will delete the UF1001S on the bookstore processor. It is recommended that you set the BM1740-Z-OPT to Y.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 UF1001J
Bookstore Charges Extract and Edit
  Bookstore Charge File Output BM1740S (UF1001A)
  Bookstore Charge File Output GA1209S (UF1003S) (UF1001B)
R 02 01 BM1740J
Batch Update to Customer Accounts
  Batch Update to Customer Accounts Exception Report (BM1740)


BILL-YRQ Default Year Quarter to be used if no Year Quarter entered on detail record
BM1740-LDEV The logical device number to use when creating the cashiering session for this process.
BM1740-Z-OPT Y - Z the session upon completion of the process.
N - Leave the batch open.
CASH-COL Default College Code to be used if no College Code entered on detail record
FEE-CD-IN Enter fee code to be used in creating financial aid records.
UPD-FLAG Determines if transactions are posted to Customer Accounts or not posted.
N = Do not post transactions (test mode)
Y = Post transactions (final mode)

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM