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State Auditors Extract

This job group extracts financial data for the State Auditors Office. This job should be scheduled on the request of the State Auditors.

Special Instructions Special Note: This processes will consume large amounts CPU time.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 GA1300J
Accounting Summary Report Extract
R 02 01 FM0009J
Prg/Org Trial Balance
R 03 MM2001J
Vendor List
R 04 ZX0204J
Appl. Security by User & Process


FYR The fiscal year to be processed (YYYY). For example, 0203
GA1300-RPT-TYP M = as of month end
D = as of current date
MO13-RPT-IND 0 = Normal month end reporting
1 = 13th/25th month. Exclude 12th month.
TBL1-PASSWORD The data base password to be used to open the TBL1 data base.
TERMSC-PASSWORD The data base password to be used to open the Terminal Security data base.
YR-MO The year-month to be processed (YYMM).

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:09 AM