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Daily Employee Audit

This job group audits employee records for all employees that were updated and all employees that had fatal errors on the previous audit. A report is printed showing all errors encountered.
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 PS0109J
Merge Employees to Audit
R 02 01 PS0110J
Employee Audit
R 03 02 PS0120J
Employee Audit Error Report
  Employee Audit Error Report (PS0120)


ID-PRINT-OPT Enter the option for printing the employees identification number to the report:
E = Print the Emp-Id (SSN)
L = Print last 4 characters of Emp-Id (SSN)
S = Print the System Id (SID)
B = Print spaces or blanks
* = Print all asterisks
PS0120-SORT 1= Emp-Name, Emp-Id, Msg-Cd, Edit-Info (Defualt)
2= Emp-Typ, Emp-Name, Emp-Id, Msg-Cd, Edit-Info
3= Home-Dept, Emp-Name, Emp-Id, Msg-cd, Edit-Info

Distribution: PPMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM