College Unique Job Scheduling
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Varytype Formatted Schedule (Green River)

This job group produces a varytype ready course schedule file.
Special Instructions The file created is UU1002S.Data.P100. The record contains 132 characters with 1 record per block.
Operator Instructions (If the History option was selected, a tape mount is required)

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 IS1201J
Class Schedule Extract
O 02 01 IS1203J
Class Schedule Class Fee Computation
R 03 02 UU1002J
Varytype Ready Course Schedule (Green River)
  Varytype Formatted Course Schedule (UU1002A)
  Varytype Tagged Course Schedule (UU1002B)
R 04 03 IS1299J
Purge Course Extract/Sort Files


ADMIN-UNIT-LINE A maximum of 15 administrative units may be selected separated by a comma or a space.
Blank = Extract all administrative units ## = Extracts blank administrative units @X = Extracts records with the second position of administrative unit = variable X, regardless of the contents of the first position X@ = Extracts records with the first position of administrative unit = variable x, regardless of the contents of the second position
XX = Specific administrative units of value = XX
EMPL-STAT-LINE Enter up to 10 employment status codes, each separated by a comma or a space. Leave blank to select all employment status codes.
EXCLUDE-STAT-1 Option to exclude records with Section Status 1 - "X" or "Z".
Y = Exclude SECT-STAT1=X or Z
N = Include SECT-STAT1=X or Z
FND-SRC-LINE Up to 10 funding source codes may be selected, each separated by a space:
BLANK = Extracts all FND-SRC # = Extracts blank FND-SRC
X = Extracts selected FND-SRC
IS1201-OPT Record selection from one of the following:
1 = Class Schedule
2 = Class Schedule and History
3 = Construction
IS1217S-TAPE-NUM Volume Number of the Course Schedule History
Tape. Enter only if IS1201-OPT=2.
On each line up to 6 item number ranges may be entered; each item range is to be separated with a comma or a space (i.e., 00010099,03010302). If left blank, all item numbers will be selected.
TIME-LOC-LINE Up to 15 time location codes may be selected, each separated by a space:
BLANK = Extracts all TIME-LOC # = Extracts blank TIME-LOC
X = Extracts selected TIME-LOC
UU1002-DATE-OPT If a date is entered, only classes with a schedule change date greater than the date entered will print. If 000000 is entered, then all classes will print.
UU1002-SPC-OPT Option that controls the printing between lines.
Y = A blank line will print between classes.
N = Classes are not separated with a blank line.
YRQ-LINE A maximum of 4 Year-Quarters may be selected in the following format: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

Distribution: SMS P100
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:46 AM