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Class Schedule Extract

This job creates an extract file from the Class Schedule, Class Schedule History, Schedule Construction or a combination of the Class Schedule and History.
Special Instructions For any job group using this job, IS1299J must be scheduled as the last job in the group.
Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups
SG050R     Course Section Report
SG051R     Class Schedule Report
SG052R     Class Openings
SG053R     Open Seat Tally
SG054R     Formatted Course Schedule Announcement
SG054R-A     Formatted Course Schedule 1 (Computed Fees)
SG055R     Formatted Course Schedule Announcement 2
SG055R-A     Formatted Course Schedule 2 (Computed Fees)
SG056R     Course Schedule Form
SG058R     Schedule Development Form
SG059R     Credit and Contact Hour Discrepancy
SG060R     Course Catalog/Schedule Compare
SG061R     Instructor/Time Conflicts
SG063R     Room/Time Conflicts
SG064R     Building/Room Usage
SG065R     Teaching Staff Utilization
SG066R     Faculty Teaching Load - Ftes Analysis
SG067R     Faculty Teaching Load - Ftef/Ftes Analysis
SG068R     Comparison of Ftef and Ftes
SG069R     Direct Instruction Quarterly Salaries by Course
SG070R     Annualized Faculty Teaching Load
SG071R     Faculty Teaching Load/Quarterly Staff Comparison
SG072R     Completions and Capacities
SG073R     Desktop Class Schedule
SG073R-A     Desktop Class Schedule (Computed Fees)
SG075R     Desktop Printed Class Schedule
SG075R-A     Desktop Printed Class Schedule (Computed Fees)
SG078R     Fee Code Table/Schedule Compare
SG147R     Tenth Instructional Day Post
SG170R     Schedule 25 Room Assignment
SG183R     Web Course Offerings
SG184R     Unmet Requisites (Sm)
SG703R     Batch Registration - Cancelled Classes
UG017R     Varytype Formatted Schedule (Green River)
UG021R     Class Openings (Spokane)
UG022R     Course Schedule Announcement (L. Columbia)
UG035R     Calculate Instit Ftef (160)
Job Dependency None
Operator Instructions (If the History option was selected, a tape mount is required)
Estimated Run Time None
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


ADMIN-UNIT-LINE A maximum of 12 administrative units may be selected, each separated by a space.
BLANK = Extracts all ADMIN-UNITS ## = Extracts blank ADMIN-UNITS #X = Extracts records with the second position of ADMIN-UNIT=VARIABLE X, 1st position is blank X# = Extracts records with the first position of ADMIN-UNIT=VARIABLE X, 2nd position is blank XX XX = Extracts selected ADMIN-UNITS @X = Extracts records with the second position of ADMIN-UNIT = VARIABLE X, 1st position can be any character. X@ = Extracts records with the first position of ADMIN-UNIT = VARIABLE X, 2nd position can be any character.
EMPL-STAT-LINE Up to 10 employment status codes may be selected, each separated by a space:
BLANK = Extracts all EMPL-STAT # = Extracts blank EMPL-STAT
X = Extracts selected EMPL-STAT
EXCLUDE-STAT-1 Option to exclude records with Section Status 1 - "X" or "Z".
Y = Exclude SECT-STAT1=X or Z
N = Include SECT-STAT1=X or Z
FND-SRC-LINE Up to 10 funding source codes may be selected, each separated by a space:
BLANK = Extracts all FND-SRC # = Extracts blank FND-SRC
X = Extracts selected FND-SRC
IS1201-OPT Record selection from one of the following:
1 = Class Schedule
3 = Construction
IS1217S-TAPE-NUM Volume Number of the Course Schedule History
Tape. Enter only if IS1201-OPT=2.
On each line up to 6 item number ranges may be entered; each item range is to be separated with a comma or a space (i.e., 00010099,03010302). If left blank, all item numbers will be selected.
TIME-LOC-LINE Up to 15 time location codes may be selected, each separated by a space:
BLANK = Extracts all TIME-LOC # = Extracts blank TIME-LOC
X = Extracts selected TIME-LOC
YRQ-LINE A maximum of 4 Year-Quarters may be selected in the following format: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX

Distribution: SMS
Created: MON, JAN 30, 2012, 04:02 PM