Central Reporting Job Scheduling
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Central Payroll Processing

This job group creates system wide files and reports for a payroll.
Special Instructions This job group is for CENTRAL SITE use ONLY.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 CR7002J
Receive Payroll Balancing Files
R 02 01 CR7004J
Validate Payroll Files Received
R 03 02 CR7003J
Merge Payroll Balancing Files
R 04 03 CR7005J
Unbundle Payroll Balancing Files
R 05 04 CR7010J
System Payroll Summary Report
  System Payroll Summary Report (CR7010)
R 06 05 CR7015J
ACH/EFT Generation
  Electronic Funds Transfer Certification (CR7015A)
  Electronic Funds Transfer Certification (CR7015B)
  Payroll Account Effective Date Summary (CR7015C)
  Payroll Vndr Payments Not Processed This Schedule (CR7015D)
  Payroll Vendor Payments Applied This Schedule (CR7015E)
  Payroll Vendor Payments by Effective Date (CR7015F)
R 07 06 CR7025J
State Treasurer EFT Report
  State Treasurer Electronic Fund Transfers (CR7025)
R 08 05 CR5805J
Liberty Mutual Deduction Reporting
  Liberty Mutual Insurance Deduction Reporting (CR5805)
R 09 08 CR5810J
Wsecu Deduction Reporting
  Wsecu Deduction Reporting (CR5810)
R 10 09 CR5815J
Gesa Credit Union Deduction Report
  Gesa Credit Union Deduction Reporting (CR5815)
R 11 10 CR5820J
WPEA Deduction Reporting
  WPEA Deduction Reporting (CR5820)
R 12 04 CR5825J
WFSE Deduction Reporting
  WFSE Deduction Reporting (CR5825)
R 13 12 CR5840J
Office of Supp Enforce Reporting
  Office of Support Enforcement Deduction Report (CR5840A)
  Office of Support Enforcement Adjustment Report (CR5840B)
R 14 06 PS1309J
Receive ARP
R 15 14 CR7028J
Validate ARP Files Received
R 16 15 CR7029J
Merge ARP Files
R 17 16 CR7030J
ARP Generation
  Automatic Check Reconciliation (CR7030A)
  Cancelled Check Summary (CR7030B)
R 18 17 CR7020J
Payroll Balance Sheet
  Payroll Balance Sheet (CR7020)
R 19 18 CR7040J
Cancelled Advices
  Cancelled Advices (CR7040)
R 20 00 CR7032J
Receive Central Payroll Accounting
R 21 20 CR7037J
Validate Accounting Files Received
R 22 21 GA1502J
GL Posting Phase I
R 23 21 GA1503J
GL Posting Phase II
R 24 21 CR7033J
Merge Central Payroll Accounting
R 25 24 CR7034J
Update Central Payroll to FMS
  General Ledger Accounting Transactions Report (GA1209)
R 26 25 GA1501J
Close GL Posting
R 27 26 CR7036J
Central Site File Cleanup
R 28 07 PS1498J
Load EFT File For Transfer
  Wcc Transmittal Register (PS1498)
R 29 17 PS1499J
Load ARP File For Transfr
  ARP Balance Report (PS1499)
R 30 19 CR7090J
Send SBCTC Reports to PRO1
R 31 13 CR5330J
FSA Deduction Reporting
  Flexible Spending Account Deduction Reporting (CR5330)
R 32 04 CR5874J
Metlife Remittance Reporting
  Metlife Remittance Reporting (CR5874)


The three digit college number of all colleges being processed separated by commas.
PAYR-SCHD The payroll schedule being processed.
TRANSMIT-DATE Enter the date (MMDDYY) that the actual EFT transmission will take place to the bank. If left blank, the system current date is used. (This parameter need only be used when this job is run one day and the transmission will not occur until the next OR the job is run over a weekend and the transmission will occur on a Monday.)

Distribution: P999
Created: WED, FEB 03, 2021, 05:22 PM