Central Reporting Job Scheduling
CR2xxxJ CR5xxxJ CR6xxxJ CR7xxxJ PG8xxx PG9xxx Other

CR7000J Bundle Payroll Balancing Files
CR7001J Send Payroll Files to Central Site
CR7002J Receive Payroll Balancing Files
CR7003J Merge Payroll Balancing Files
CR7004J Validate Payroll Files Received
CR7005J Unbundle Payroll Balancing Files
CR7010J System Payroll Summary Report
CR7015J ACH/EFT Generation
CR7020J Payroll Balance Sheet
CR7025J State Treasurer EFT Report
CR7028J Validate ARP Files Received
CR7029J Merge ARP Files
CR7030J ARP Generation
CR7031J Send Central Payroll Accounting
CR7032J Receive Central Payroll Accounting
CR7033J Merge Central Payroll Accounting
CR7034J Update Central Payroll to FMS
CR7036J Central Site File Cleanup
CR7037J Validate Accounting Files Received
CR7040J Cancelled Advices
CR7090J Send SBCTC Reports to PRO1
CR7100J Extract TIAA-CREF Remittance File
CR7105J TIAA-CREF Reporting
CR7106J Send TIAA-CREF to Central Site
CR7107J Receive TIAA-CREF Data
CR7108J Merge TIAA-CREF Data
CR7110J Finalize TIAA-CREF Remittance File
CR7111J Send Tiaa/Cref Remit File
CR7190J Employer Sponsored Health Coverage
CR7192J Create Employer Sponsored Health Coverage Files
CR7194J Send Employer Sponsored Health Coverage Files
CR7200J W-2 Report File Extract
CR7205J 1099-R Report File Extract
CR7210J W-2 Confirmation Report
CR7215J 1099-R Confirmation Report
CR7221J Send W-2 File to Central Site
CR7222J Send W-2 Parameters to Central Sit
CR7223J Receive W-2 Employee Information
CR7224J Merge W-2 Employee Information
CR7225J Print 1099-R Forms
CR7226J Send 1099-R File to Central Site
CR7227J Receive 1099-R Employee Info.
CR7228J Merge 1099-R Employee Information
CR7229J W-2 Statement Tax Merge
CR7230J SSA W-2 Federal Tax Merge
CR7231J Receive W-2 Employer Information
CR7232J Merge W-2 Employer Information
CR7235J 1099-R Federal Tax Merge
CR7240J Eic Eligibility List
CR7245J Employee Verification Extract
CR7246J Merge Employee Verification Info
CR7247J Employee Verification File to SSA
CR7248J Prcs Emp Verify File From SSA
CR7249J Create Employee Verification Error Files
CR7250J Transport SSA Verification Files
CR7251J Employee Verification Exception Report

Created: MON, AUG 16, 2021, 03:10 PM