Central Reporting Job Scheduling
CR2xxxJ CR5xxxJ CR6xxxJ CR7xxxJ PG8xxx PG9xxx Other

CR2001J Tuition Revenue Report - SBCCE
CR2002J Community College Revenue Summary
CR2003J Fund/Appropriation Expenditure Summary
CR2004J Program/Object Expenditure Summaries
CR2005J Community College Program Annual Operating Budget
CR2006J Community College Balance Sheet
CR2007J Allotment Control Report
CR2008J SBCCE Database Audit
CR2012J Prg/Obj Expenditure Summary
CR2101J Accounting/Budget Rollup For SBCCE Reporting
CR2102J Transfer Accounting/Budget Data to SBCCE Database
CR2111J FAE/SARS Interface Extract
CR2114J Purge Room Utilization Files
CR2115J Waiver Summary Report
CR2124J FAE/SARS Fund by Agency Report
CR2125J FAE/SARS Agency by Fund Report
CR2126J FAE/SARS Interface Listing
CR2127J System Annual Financial Statements
CR2128J Annual Fixed Asset Report
CR2129J FAE/SARS Submittal File
CR2130J SBCCE Facility Oper. Bdgt Extract
CR2131J SBCCE Land Oper. Bdgt Extract
CR2132J Create FAE Transfer File
CR2133J SBCCE Database Load (FAE)
CR2134J SBCCE FAE Extract
CR2135J Revenue Summary Report
CR2136J Merge FAE Extracts to SBCCE File
CR2137J Merge Bldg Extracts to SBCCE Files
CR2138J Merge - SARS Submittal Files
CR2141J Facilities Extract For OFM
CR2142J Facilities Extract Consolidation
CR2143J Financial Aid File to State Board
CR2144J Financial Aid Consolidation
CR2145J SBCTC - Verify Files For SM9425S
CR2321J MWBE - Extract MWBE Data
CR2323J MWBE Load Report - All Colleges
CR2324J MWBE - District Check Report
CR2325J MWBE - Summarization Report
CR2326J MWBE - Transmit File to Omwbe
CR2329J MWBE - Expand/Report/Transmitt
CR2351J Extract AFRS Report File
CR2352J AFRS Accounting Transactions Report
CR2353J AFRS Not Reported
CR2354J AFRS/FMS Cross Reference
CR2355J AFRS Extract Error List
CR2356J AFRS IN-PROCESS Transactions
CR2357J AFRS Reconciliation Report
CR2358J AFRS IN-PROCESS Report (System)
CR2359J Transport AFRS Report File
CR2360J Build AFRS Tables For the New Biennium
CR2362J Receive - AFRS Accounting Trans
CR2363J Receive AFRS Not Reported
CR2364J Receive AFRS/FMS Cross Reference
CR2365J Receive AFRS Error Report
CR2366J Receive AFRS IN-PROCESS Transactions
CR2367J Merge/Print AFRS Accounting Trans
CR2368J Merge/Print AFRS Not Reported
CR2369J Merge/Print AFRS/FMS X-REF
CR2370J Merge/Print AFRS Error File
CR2371J Merge/Print AFRS IN-PROCESS Trans
CR2373J Merge AFRS Not Reported Data Files
CR2374J Merge AFRS/FMS Xref Data Files
CR2375J Merge AFRS Error Data Files
CR2376J Merge AFRS In Process Trns Data
CR2379J Transport AFRS Data Files to PRO1
CR2390J Merge AFRS Accounting - Part "a"
CR2391J AFRS System Rollup
CR2392J Create AFRS Acct Tape
CR2393J AFRS Accounting Transactions Report
CR2394J Rename AFRS Report Files
CR2395J AFRS Monthly Conversion (Transmit)
CR2396J Merge AFRS Accounting - Part "B"
CR2397J W4C AFRS Accounting Transactions
CR2398J AFRS - Purge Report Files
CR2399J AFRS Fix File Data Edit
CR2401J Load AFRS Data to Disc
CR2402J Send AFRS Data to WDPSC #1
CR2403J Load SARS Data to Disc
CR2405J Load AFRS General Ledger Tape/Disk
CR2411J AFRS Glfile(Ibm) to HP Conversion
CR2417J Merge/Print GA1303 Balance Reports
CR2418J Merge Detail Accntg Files For Sao
CR2419J Send CR2418S Acctdata to ORION-SAO
CR2420J Annual Credit Card Payments
CR2421J Annual Credit Card Payments by Col
CR2422J Annual Cr Card Pymt Summary of Col
CR2500J Hope Scholarship Consolidation
CR2501J Hope Scolarship Print File to Tape
CR2502J Hope Audit Report On CR2500S
CR2506J Hope Compare Versions of BM1747S
CR2509J Create Hope Test File
CR2510J 1098-T - Send to XFER99
CR2701J Smartbuy Extract - SBCTC
CR2702J Smart Buy Data Send to PRO1 SBCTC

Created: MON, AUG 16, 2021, 03:10 PM