Central Reporting Job Scheduling
CR2xxxJ CR5xxxJ CR6xxxJ CR7xxxJ PG8xxx PG9xxx Other

CR5020J Extract State Deferred Comp File
CR5022J Create Dcp Transmittal
CR5023J Purge Dcp Reporting Transactions
CR5024J Send Deferred Comp to WDPSC #1
CR5025J State Deferred Comp Reporting
CR5026J State Deferred Comp Reporting
CR5027J Send Deferred Compensation to Central Site
CR5028J Receive Deferred Compensation Data
CR5029J Merge Deferred Compensation Data
CR5030J Extract SEIB LTD Report File
CR5035J SEIB LTD Reporting
CR5040J Life Insurance Report Extract
CR5045J Life Insurance Premium Summary
CR5056J DCAP Billing File Receive
CR5057J DCAP Billing File College Split
CR5058J DCAP Billing File College Transport
CR5059J DCAP Billing File Report
CR5060J Dependent Care Extract
CR5061J Dependent Care Reporting
CR5062J Send Dependent Care Data
CR5063J Receive Dependent Care Data
CR5064J Merge Dependent Care Data
CR5065J Central Site Dependent Care Report
CR5066J Send Dependent Care to the Secure Server
CR5070J Insurance Payment Extract
CR5071J Insurance Payment Report
CR5072J Build Insurance Transmittal File
CR5073J Send Insurance File
CR5074J Receive Insurance File
CR5075J Merge Insurance File
CR5076J Send Insurance Payments to WDPSC #1
CR5110J Create DRS Deduction Adjustments
CR5111J Extract DRS New Hires File
CR5112J Send DRS New Hire to Central Site
CR5113J Wait For DRS New Hires File
CR5114J Merge DRS New Hires File
CR5115J Create DRS Transactions From Payroll
CR5116J DRS Transmittal/EFT Balancing
CR5120J DRS Transaction Detail List
CR5125J Update DRS Contract File
CR5130J Summarize DRS Reporting File
CR5131J Send DRS Transactions to Central Site
CR5132J Send DRS Parameters to Central Site
CR5134J Wait For DRS Transactions
CR5135J Create DRS Transmittal
CR5136J Merge DRS Transactions
CR5137J Wait For DRS Parameters
CR5138J Merge DRS Parameters
CR5140J Redistribute DRS Contract Earnings
CR5141J DRS Contract Redistribution Reporting
CR5145J Purge DRS Transactions
CR5150J DRS Transaction Edit
CR5155J DRS Contract Purge
CR5200J Employment Security Quarterly Reporting
CR5201J Send Employment Security to Central Site
CR5202J Receive Employment Security Data
CR5203J Merge Employment Security Data
CR5204J Send Employmnt Security Parameters
CR5206J Wait For Empl Security Parameters
CR5207J Merge Empl Security Parameters
CR5208J Create Empl Security Ftp File
CR5210J PFML Quarterly Reporting Extract
CR5211J Send PFML Reporting File
CR5212J Receive PFML Reporting Files
CR5213J Merge PFML Reporting Files
CR5214J Send PFML Parameters
CR5216J Recieve PFML Parameter Files
CR5217J Merge PFML Parameter Files
CR5218J Create PFML/Des Reporting File
CR5219J PFML Quarterly Extract - College
CR5221J Send PFML Q1 & Q2 2019 Reporting
CR5222J PFML Reprocessing Q1 & Q2
CR5248J Add Ltc Insurance DED-CD to Empl
CR5249J Ltc (Ltss) Quarterly Extract
CR5300J FSA Eligibility File Extract
CR5302J Send FSA Eligibility File to Central Site
CR5304J Receive FSA Eligibility File
CR5306J Merge FSA Eligibility File
CR5308J Finalize FSA Eligibility File
CR5309J Send FSA Eligibility File
CR5320J FSA Billing File Receive
CR5322J FSA Billing File College Split
CR5324J FSA Billing File College Transport
CR5326J FSA Billing File Report
CR5330J FSA Deduction Reporting
CR5600J Receive HCA Billing File
CR5601J Edit & Copy HCA Billing File
CR5602J Build HCA Payment Coverage File
CR5603J Build HCA Payment Coverage File
CR5604J Insurance Payment History
CR5605J HCA Billing File Report
CR5610J Health Care Discrepancy Report
CR5632J Transport HCA Web Change Files
CR5640J Health Savings Account Extract
CR5641J Health Savings Account Report
CR5642J Send Health Savings Account File
CR5643J Receive Health Savings Account
CR5644J Merge Health Savings Account
CR5645J Health Savings Account Report Cent
CR5646J Format Health Savings Transmittal
CR5647J Transfer Health Savings Transmittal
CR5650J Extract HCA Demographic Changes
CR5651J HCA Demographic Change File Update
CR5652J Send HCA Demographic Extract
CR5654J Merge HCA Demographic Extract File
CR5655J Send HCA Demographic Extract File to Ftp Server
CR5701J COVID19 Vaccine Tracking Extract
CR5702J Send COVID19 Vaccine Tracking Data
CR5703J Wait COVID19 Vaccine Tracking Data
CR5704J Merge COVID19 Vax Tracking Data
CR5800J Liberty Billing File Ftp
CR5801J Liberty Mutual Fcopy Job
CR5802J Liberty Billing File Transport
CR5803J Liberty Billing Report
CR5805J Liberty Mutual Deduction Reporting
CR5810J Wsecu Deduction Reporting
CR5815J Gesa Credit Union Deduction Report
CR5820J WPEA Deduction Reporting
CR5821J Merge WPEA Monthly Deduction Rptng
CR5822J Ftp WPEA Deduction Reporting File
CR5825J WFSE Deduction Reporting
CR5840J Office of Supp Enforce Reporting
CR5850J WFSE Extract/Report Process
CR5852J Send WFSE File to Central Site
CR5853J WPEA Extract/Report Process
CR5855J Send WPEA File to Central Site
CR5860J Receive WFSE Data
CR5861J Merge WFSE Data
CR5862J Ftp WFSE File
CR5863J Receive WPEA Employee Status Rpt
CR5864J Merge WPEA Employee Status Report
CR5865J Ftp WPEA Employee Status Reporting
CR5874J Metlife Remittance Reporting
CR5900J Central Employee Inquiry Extract
CR5901J Send Ceis Extract to Central Site
CR5906J Merge Ceis Data
CR5907J Ftp Ceis Data File to Cis Server

Created: MON, AUG 16, 2021, 03:10 PM