Central Reporting Job Scheduling
CR2xxxJ CR5xxxJ CR6xxxJ CR7xxxJ PG8xxx PG9xxx Other

CR6020J Salary Forecasting - Update Permanent Employees
CR6025J Salary Forecasting - Update Temporary Employees
CR6030J Salary Forecasting - Update Employer Costs
CR6035J Salary Forecasting - Employee Salary File List
CR6036J Salary Forecasting - Salary File List by Prg/Org
CR6037J Salary Forecasting - Salary List by Job Function
CR6038J Salary Forecasting - Salary File Summaries
CR6039J Salary Forecasting - Apply Base Cost Increases
CR6040J Salary Forecasting - Reporting Extract
CR6041J SF - SBCCE Summarization
CR6042J SF - Send SBCCE Summarization
CR6043J SF - Merge SBCCE Summarization
CR6044J Salary Forecasting FYR Purge
CR6110J Quarterly Staff Extract
CR6120J PMIS Expense Extract
CR6121J Send PMIS Expenses to SBCCE
CR6122J Receive PMIS Expenses
CR6140J PMIS/FMS Position Number Extract
CR6141J PMIS/FMS Position Number Send
CR6142J PMIS/FMS Position Number Wait
CR6143J PMIS/FMS Position Number Merge
CR6150J Qrtly Staff Position Num Extract
CR6151J Qrtly Staff Position Number Send
CR6152J Qrtly Staff Position Number Wait
CR6153J Qrtly Staff Position Number Merge
CR6160J PMIS Job Class Extract
CR6161J Send Job Classes to SBCCE
CR6162J Receive Job Class Data
CR6209J Transport Quarterly Staff Extract
CR6210J Load Quarterly Staff File
CR6211J Copy Quarterly Staff File to Tape
CR6212J Load Quarterly Staff File Into PMIS
CR6213J Copy District Office Qtrly Staff Extract to Tape
CR6220J PMIS Expense Update
CR6221J Build PMIS Expenses Pointer File
CR6260J PMIS Job Class Update
CR6261J Build Job Class Pointer File
CR6308J Merge HEPB Affirmative Action File
CR6309J Receive HEPB Affirmative Action File
CR6310J Quarterly Staff Extract File Print
CR6311J HEPB Affirmative Action Extract
CR6312J HEPB Affirmative Action Summary Report
CR6313J Send HEPB Affirmative Action File
CR6317J Number of Classified Employees by Job Class
CR6324J Annual Faculty FTE/STFYR by College
CR6325J Annual Admin FTE/STFYR by College
CR6326J Annual Classified FTE/STFYR by College
CR6332J IPEDS Staff Survey Extract
CR6333J IPEDS Staff Survey Report
CR6334J Send IPEDS Staff Survey
CR6335J Send IPEDS Staff Survey Parameters
CR6336J Merge IPEDS Staff Survey File
CR6337J Merge IPEDS Staff Survey Parameter
CR6338J IPEDS Staff Survey Report - SBCTC
CR6339J Create IPEDS Staff Survey Tape
CR6340J IPEDS Extract and Detail Report
CR6341J IPEDS Instructional Faculty Report
CR6342J Send IPEDS to Central Site
CR6343J Send IPEDS Parameters to Central Site
CR6344J Merge IPEDS Data
CR6345J Create IPEDS Tape
CR6346J Merge IPEDS College Info
CR6347J IPEDS Combined Extract Job
CR6348J IPEDS Combined Reporting Job
CR6350J OFM TIAA-CREF Reporting Extract
CR6351J Merge OFM TIAA-CREF Extract
CR6352J TIAA-CREF Reporting Send
CR6353J IPEDS Emp by Assgn POS Extract Job
CR6354J IPEDS Emp by Assgn POS Report Job
CR6355J Send IPEDS Comb Extract to SBCTC
CR6356J Send IPEDS Parameter File to SBCTC
CR6357J Receive IPEDS Combined Extract
CR6358J Merge IPEDS Combined Extract
CR6359J IPEDS Combined Report - SBCTC
CR6360J HEPB Position Profile Detail
CR6361J Send Position Profile Data
CR6363J Merge Position Profile Data
CR6365J HEPB Position Profile Summary
CR6366J HEPB Position Profile Summary System
CR6368J Receive IPEDS Parameters
CR6369J Merge IPEDS Parameters
CR6385J Census Race/Hispanic Report
CR6400J Annual Supp Retire Study Extract
CR6401J Send Annual Supp Retire Study Data
CR6402J Wait Annual Supp Retire Study Data
CR6403J Merge Annual Supp Retire Study
CR6420J Fiscal Year Summary Report
CR6421J Pension Contribution Base
CR6426J Send OASI Extract to Central Site
CR6428J Merge OASI Extract
CR6430J FTF Sick Leave Reporting Extract
CR6431J FTF Sick Leave Usage Report
CR6432J Send FTF Sick Leave Extract SBCCE
CR6433J Merge FTF Sick Leave Extract
CR6440J Combined Fund Drive Extract
CR6441J Send Combined Fund Drive Extract
CR6442J Receive Combined Fund Drive File
CR6443J Merge Combined Fund Drive File
CR6444J Send Combined Fund Drive to O.F.M.
CR6450J Quarterly P/T Faculty Health Benefit Extract
CR6451J Send Quarterly P/T Faculty Health Benefit File
CR6452J Receive Quarterly P/T Faculty Health Benefit
CR6453J Merge Quarterly P/T Faculty Health Benefit Files
CR6460J OFM Human Resource Extract
CR6462J OFM Human Resource Report
CR6464J Send OFM Human Resource Data
CR6465J Receive OFM Human Resouce Data
CR6466J Merge OFM Human Resource Data
CR6468J Finalize OFM Human Resource Data
CR6469J Transmit OFM Human Resource Data
CR6470J OFM Employee Salary DB Extract
CR6471J Send OFM Employee Salary DB
CR6472J Wait OFM Salary DB (Sesd)
CR6473J Merge OFM Salary DB (Sesd)
CR6474J Send OFM Salary DB (Sesd) to OFM
CR6475J Valid Job Class Edit Reports
CR6476J Prelim OFM Employee Salary (Sesd)
CR6480J SBCTC Salary Study Extract
CR6481J Send SBCTC Salary Study Extract
CR6482J Wait SBCTC Salary Study Extract
CR6483J Merge SBCTC Salary Study Extract

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