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Print Grade Marking Sheets

This job prints grade marking sheets.
SM6103    Grade Marking Sheets
Special Instructions This job prints special forms. There will be three alignment forms.
Frequency On-request
Scheduling Restrictions None
Execution Time Anytime (O, B, P or I)
Job Completion Status None
Job Groups
SG082R     Print Grade Marking Sheets
Job Dependency SM6218J must run prior to this job except for restarts and reprints.
Operator Instructions SF
Estimated Run Time None
Recovery/Restart This job is restartable.


REPRINT-IND Blank or N = This is not a reprint-print most current run
Y = This is a reprint
REPRINT-PAGES Enter up to six page ranges separated by a space (i.e., pages 10 thru 15 would be 00100015). This is only required if REPRINT-IND = "Y" and specific pages need to be reprinted.
REPRINT-RUN-NUM Must be 1 thru 9 if REPRINT-IND=Y. This is the run number to be reprinted.
ROSTR-NOTE Up to 50 characters to print on Grade Marking Sheet each.
YRQ Enter the year-quarter to be processed.

Distribution: SMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:28 AM