SMS Job Scheduling
CMxxxxJ FCxxxxJ ISxxxxJ SDxxxxJ SMxxxxJ SRxxxxJ MGxxxx SGxxxx Other

SM1105J Student Class Attendance Rosters
SM3115J Print Prg/Sect Seat Roster Report
SM4044J Schedule Planner Course Offerings
SM4102J Student Enrollment Report
SM4104J Student Class List
SM4105J Unduplicated Head Count
SM4106J Class Rosters
SM4107J Class/Grade Rosters
SM4110J Registration Appointments by Student
SM4111J Registration Appointments by Advisor
SM4112J Registration Appointments by Date/Time
SM4113J Registration Appointment Mailers
SM4114J Stock Class Rosters
SM4115J Registration Appointment Labels
SM4116J Student Enrollment Level Review
SM4121J Completely Dropped Student List
SM4124J Registration Transaction Activity Log
SM4204J New Registration Appointment Counts
SM4205J Registration Appointment Exception Report
SM4206J Registration Appointments Purged List
SM4207J Returning Student Registration Appointment Counts
SM4208J Registration Form Extract
SM4210J Registration Appointment Report Extract
SM4213J Backup & Reset SM4009D
SM4214J Create Student Class Cancel File
SM4215J Reformat Drop Students File
SM4221J Registration Adjustments Update
SM4225J Reset Deleted Students Reg. Transaction File
SM4226J Batch Registration Class Extract
SM4228J Batch Registration Sort
SM4229J Batch Registration
SM4230J Batch Reg Cancelled Class Extract
SM4231J Enrolled Credit Update
SM4232J Send Enr. Transactions to Waol
SM4233J Terminate Job SM4232J & SM4236J
SM4234J Copy Sm Regist to Waol DB Via File
SM4235J Updt Sm Enroll Cnt W/Waol DB Info
SM4236J Waol Enrollment Control
SM4237J Virtual Campus Transaction Extract
SM4238J Virtual Campus Transporter
SM4239J Purge Virtual Campus Transactions
SM4240J Recalculate Fees For a Year/Qtr
SM4243J Assign Item Num to Waol Enrollment
SM4244J Assign Sids to Waol Enrollment
SM4245J Send Waol Sid Xref to Waol
SM4299J Purge Registration Appointment Extract File
SM4915J Update Waol Database On PRO99
SM4916J End Reader Process For SM4915I
SM5101J Student Mailing Labels
SM5102J Student Biographic Report
SM5103J Student Program Report by Student
SM5104J Student Program Report by Program
SM5105J High School Report by Student
SM5106J High School Report by High School
SM5107J Active Student List
SM5109J Non Resident Students
SM5110J Student Address List
SM5111J Ethnic Group Address List
SM5112J Student Folder Labels
SM5114J Sid Change Activity Log
SM5115J Duplicate Student Comparison
SM5116J Missing Student Information
SM5130J Instructional Calendar Report
SM5201J Student Biographic Extract
SM5202J Student Biographic Sort
SM5203J Enrollment Reporting Extract
SM5204J Student Generalized Extract
SM5205J Change ON-LINE Sid Update
SM5206J Reset CA Sid Change File
SM5207J Change Transcript Sids
SM5208J Student Bio Adhoc Report Extract
SM5209J Generalized Enrollment Extract
SM5210J Quarterly Headcount Update
SM5211J Rebuild Enrollment Counts
SM5212J Rebuild Cluster Enrollment
SM5215J Student PIN Assignment
SM5216J Student PIN Removal
SM5217J Student Unusual Action Code Removal
SM5218J Datax to Enrollment Extract
SM5219J Student Record Update
SM5220J Transport Waol Sid Changes
SM5221J Update Waol Sid Changes
SM5224J Update Waol Bio Data to the Sm DB
SM5226J Sid Assignment Process
SM5227J Reserved Sids
SM5230J Unusual Actn Update From Datax
SM5231J Unusual Actn Delete From Datax
SM5236J Upload Email Addr Into Sm and Adm
SM5238J Retrieve Student Email File From Remote Server
SM5239J Nelnet Update Bad Debt Amount
SM5293J Backup and Reset SM5003S
SM5298J Enrollment Extract File Purge
SM5299J Student Biographic Extract/Sort File Purge
SM5300J Nelnet Receive Enr Confirmations
SM5301J Nelnet Enr Confirmation Posting
SM5302J Nelnet Eoq Student Extract
SM5303J Nelnet Students Unpaid Fee Extract
SM5304J Nelnet Outstanding Terminated Rpt
SM5999J Test Job With Link
SM6101J Continuous Transcripts
SM6102J Transcript Update Transaction Log
SM6103J Print Grade Marking Sheets
SM6104J Grade Marking Sheet Checkoff
SM6105J Grade Marking Sheets Not Processed
SM6107J Missing Grades
SM6108J Grade Posting Transaction Log
SM6109J Quarterly Grade Report (Mailer)
SM6110J Quarterly Grade Mailer Zip Code Counts
SM6113J Grade Analysis
SM6114J Student Academic Record
SM6118J Honor Roll/Probation Mailing Labels
SM6119J Honor Roll/Probation Class List
SM6121J Transcript Sid Change Detail Transaction Log
SM6122J Honor Roll/Probation Report
SM6123J Repeated Classes
SM6124J Grade Entry Form "a"
SM6125J Grade Entry Form "B"
SM6126J Continuous Transcripts For Archival
SM6127J Transcript Update Log by Student
SM6151J Class Grade Entry Form "a"
SM6153J Class Grade Roster Checkoff List
SM6154J Class Grade Rosters Not Processed
SM6155J Student Grade Entry Forms "a"
SM6158J Student Grade Rosters Not Processd
SM6159J Quarterly Grade Report With Course Requirements
SM6163J Clock Hour Honor Roll/Probation Report
SM6164J Clock Hour Honor Roll/Probation Report by Program
SM6205J Update Sm Biographic Data to Transcripts
SM6207J Create Transcript Update File From Sm
SM6208J Backup and Reset Tranlog
SM6209J Build Transcript Print Key File
SM6210J Backup and Reset SM6006S
SM6212J Backup and Reset SM6007S
SM6213J Update Cums to Sm Database - Tape
SM6216J Build Transcript Cum File For Sm Update - Quarterl
SM6217J Backup and Reset SM6004S
SM6218J Setup Grade Marking Sheets
SM6220J Post Student Grades to Enrollment
SM6222J ON-REQUEST Transcripts From Student Extract
SM6223J Create ON-REQUEST Transcript Sid - Quarterly
SM6224J Purge Grade Roster File
SM6228J Merge Archive Reactivation Files
SM6229J Transport ON-REQUEST Transcript Sid File
SM6230J Merge ON-REQUEST Transcript Sid File
SM6231J Clock Hour Honor/Probation Extract
SM6232J Clock Hour Consecutive Quarter Assignment
SM6234J Honor Roll/Probation Transcripts
SM6235J Honor Roll/Probation Extract
SM6236J Honor Roll/Probation Tran Update
SM6237J Student Academic Record Extract
SM6238J Calc Transcript Sid Change Cums
SM6240J Quarterly Transcript Grade Update
SM6241J Update Cums to the Sm Database
SM6242J Build Class/Grade Roster Crossref
SM6243J Extract and Transport Waol Grades
SM6244J Update Waol Grades to Sm Database
SM6264J Clock Hour Honor/Probation Dwnload
SM6265J Clock Hour Honor Roll/Probation Transcript Update
SM6350J Setup Class Grade Posting Files
SM6351J Purge Class Grade Posting Files
SM6352J Grade Roster Extract
SM6353J Sort Grade Roster Extract File
SM6354J Setup Student Grade Posting Files
SM6355J Purge Student Grade Posting Files
SM6356J Disable Clock Hour Web Grading
SM6906J Degree Audit Etl Extract Job
SM6907J Degree Audit Etl Transfer
SM6908J Degree Audit Student Extract Job
SM6909J Degree Audit Student Transfer Job
SM7102J Student Enrollment (Clock Hr) Report
SM7103J Class/Program Rosters
SM7105J Unduplicated Headcount (Hr)
SM7106J Class Attendance Roster
SM7114J Stock Class Rosters (Hr)
SM7137J Class Rosters With Waitlists
SM7230J Expired Waitlist Notifications
SM7231J Waitlist Class Openings Extract
SM7232J Update Waitlist Status to Enrolled
SM7235J Quarterly Waitlist Purge
SM7236J Backup and Reset Waitlist Log

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