SMS Job Scheduling
CMxxxxJ FCxxxxJ ISxxxxJ SDxxxxJ SMxxxxJ SRxxxxJ MGxxxx SGxxxx Other

SG001R-A Student Mailing Labels
SG001R-B Student Mailing Labels
SG002R-A Student Biographic Report
SG002R-B Student Biographic Report
SG003R-A Student Program Report
SG003R-B Student Program Report
SG004R-A High School Reports
SG004R-B High Scholl Reports
SG005R-A Active Student List
SG005R-B Active Student List
SG007R-A NON-RESIDENT Student Report
SG007R-B NON-RESIDENT Student Report
SG008R-A Student Address List
SG008R-B Student Address List
SG009R-A Ethnic Group Address List
SG009R-B Ethnic Group Address List
SG010R-A Student Folder Labels
SG010R-B Student Folder Labels
SG011R-A Advisor/Student Listings
SG011R-B Advisor/Student Listings
SG021R-A Student Enrollment Report
SG021R-B Student Enrollment Report
SG023R-A Student Class List
SG023R-B Student Class List
SG024R-A Class Rosters
SG024R-B Class Rosters
SG025R-A Class/Grade Rosters
SG025R-B Class/Grade Rosters
SG026R-A Unduplicated Head Count
SG026R-B Unduplicated Head Count
SG031R Rebuild Enrollment Counts
SG033R-A Gen. Adult Literacy Extract
SG036R Count Tenth Day Enrollment
SG037R-A Student PIN Assignment (Bio Extract)
SG037R-B Student PIN Assignment (Generalized Extract)
SG037R-C Student PIN Assignment (Reg Appoint Extract)
SG037R-D Student PIN Assignment (AD-HOC Reporting Extract)
SG038R-A Student PIN Removal (Bio Extract)
SG038R-B Student PIN Removal (Generalized Extract)
SG038R-C Student PIN Removal (Reg Appoint Extract)
SG038R-D Student PIN Removal (AD-HOC Reporting Extract)
SG039R-A Student Unusual Action Code Removal (Bio Extract)
SG039R-B Student Unusual Action Code Removal (Gen. Extract)
SG040R Returning Registration Appointment Assignment
SG040R-A Returning Reg Appt Assignment - Biographic Extract
SG040R-B Returning Reg Appt Assignmnt - Generalized Extract
SG041R Returning Students Registration Appointment
SG041R-A Returning Reg Appt Counts - Biographic Extract
SG041R-B Returning Reg Appt Counts - Generalized Extract
SG042R New Students Registration Appointment Assignment
SG043R New Students Registration Appointment Counts
SG044R-A Registration/Fee Activity
SG044R-B Registration/Fee Activity
SG044R-C Registration/Fee Activity
SG045R-A Missing Student Information
SG045R-B Missing Student Information
SG045R-C Missing Student Information
SG049R-A Registration/Selected Fee Activity Summary
SG049R-B Registration/Selected Fee Activity Summary
SG049R-C Registration/Selected Fee Activity Summary
SG050R Course Section Report
SG051R Class Schedule Report
SG052R Class Openings
SG053R Open Seat Tally
SG054R Formatted Course Schedule Announcement
SG054R-A Formatted Course Schedule 1 (Computed Fees)
SG055R Formatted Course Schedule Announcement 2
SG055R-A Formatted Course Schedule 2 (Computed Fees)
SG056R Course Schedule Form
SG057R Build Schedule Construction
SG058R Schedule Development Form
SG059R Credit and Contact Hour Discrepancy
SG060R Course Catalog/Schedule Compare
SG061R Instructor/Time Conflicts
SG063R Room/Time Conflicts
SG064R Building/Room Usage
SG065R Teaching Staff Utilization
SG066R Faculty Teaching Load - Ftes Analysis
SG067R Faculty Teaching Load - Ftef/Ftes Analysis
SG068R Comparison of Ftef and Ftes
SG069R Direct Instruction Quarterly Salaries by Course
SG070R Annualized Faculty Teaching Load
SG071R Faculty Teaching Load/Quarterly Staff Comparison
SG072R Completions and Capacities
SG073R Desktop Class Schedule
SG073R-A Desktop Class Schedule (Computed Fees)
SG074R Desktop Course Catalog
SG075R Desktop Printed Class Schedule
SG075R-A Desktop Printed Class Schedule (Computed Fees)
SG076R Printed Desktop Course Catalog
SG077R Temporary ID Reassignment In Schedule Construction
SG078R Fee Code Table/Schedule Compare
SG079R Fee Code Table/Catalog Compare
SG080R Print Transcripts
SG081R Process Grade Posting Transaction Major Group
SG082R Print Grade Marking Sheets
SG084R-A On Request Transcripts From Student Bio Extract
SG084R-B On Request Transcripts From Generalized Extract
SG085R Update Cums to the Sm
SG088R Quarterly Transcript Update
SG090R Quarterly Transcript Print
SG091R Quarterly Grade Reports
SG091R-B Quarterly Grade Reports
SG091R-C Quarterly Grade Reports
SG092R Quarterly Transcript Update - No Transcript Report
SG093R Grade Analysis Report
SG094R Honor Roll/Probation Report
SG094R-A Biographic Honor Roll/Probation Extract
SG094R-B Generalized Honor Roll/Probation Extract
SG095R-A Student Academic Record Report
SG095R-B Student Academic Record Report
SG095R-C Student Academic Record Report
SG096R Transcript Sid Changes
SG102R-E Degree Audit REPORT-BIO (Da)
SG102R-F Degree Audit REPORT-GEN (Da)
SG102R-G Degree Audit REPORT-REG (Da)
SG102R-H ON-REQUEST Degree Audit (Da)
SG103R Process Transcript Transfer Requests
SG104R Print Transcript Print File
SG105R Receive Electronic Transfers
SG107R ON-LINE Sid Changes
SG108R Ftp Electronic Transcripts
SG109R Degree Audit Etl Group
SG110R TRANSFER-IN Transcript Course Transaction Log
SG111R Process Class Cancellations
SG114R Degree Audit Stu Etl Extract
SG116R Transfer Trans From Ctclink
SG120R-A Intervention Entry Forms Using Enrollment Extract
SG120R-B Intervention Entry Forms Using Generalized Extract
SG121R Intervention Transaction Log
SG122R-A Intervention Biographic Extract
SG122R-B Intervention Generalized Extract
SG130R Student Inquiry Report
SG131R Admissions Delete Process
SG132R Admissions Copy to Sm
SG133R Col Document Tracking Report
SG135R Adm Generalized Download
SG136R Document Download Extract
SG137R Activity Download Extract
SG138R Adm to Sm Online Copy Log
SG147R Tenth Instructional Day Post
SG156R-A Record Update From Bio Ext
SG156R-B Record Update From Gen Ext
SG170R Schedule 25 Room Assignment
SG183R Web Course Offerings
SG183R-B Stucenter Course Offerings
SG184R Unmet Requisites (Sm)
SG188R Process Enrollment From Waol
SG190R Student Email Ftp and Upload
SG500R Nelnet Confirm Ftp & Upload
SG501R Nelnet End of Quarter Bad Debt Amount Processing
SG601R Class Grade Entry Form "a"
SG606R Disable Course Based Grading
SG701R Batch Registration - Class Based
SG703R Batch Registration - Cancelled Classes
SG704R Batch Registration - Drop Students
SG730R Batch Registration - Waitlists
SG731R-A Class Rosters With Waitlists
SG731R-B Class Rosters With Waitlists

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