SMS Job Scheduling
CMxxxxJ FCxxxxJ ISxxxxJ SDxxxxJ SMxxxxJ SRxxxxJ MGxxxx SGxxxx Other

IS1033J Partitions and Features Update
IS1101J Course Section Report
IS1102J Class Schedule Report
IS1103J Class Openings
IS1104J Open Seat Tally
IS1105J Formatted Course Schedule Announcement
IS1106J Formatted Course Schedule Announcement 2
IS1107J Course Schedule Form
IS1108J Footnote Table List
IS1109J Schedule Development Form
IS1111J Credit & Contact Hour Discrepancy
IS1112J Course Catalog/Schedule Compare
IS1113J Desktop Class Schedule
IS1114J Desktop Printed Class Schedule
IS1115J Fee Code Table/Schedule Compare
IS1116J Fee Code Table/Schedule Compare
IS1117J Course Catalog/Schedule Compare
IS1119J Schedule 25 Extract
IS1123J Load 25E From Notposs
IS1124J Load 25E From Losers
IS1125J Load 25E From Errors
IS1201J Class Schedule Extract
IS1203J Class Schedule Class Fee Computation
IS1205J Update Schedule 25 Room Assignment
IS1206J Class Schedule Extract For Stuctr
IS1207J Run S25 In Batch
IS1208J Clear Event Scheduling Files
IS1210J Generate Schedule Construction
IS1211J Merge Schedule Construction W/ Course Schedule
IS1212J Assign Schedule Construction Item Numbers
IS1213J Extract Schedule Construction Files
IS1214J Temporary ID Reassignment Report
IS1215J Purge Schedule Construction
IS1216J Duplicate Item Numbers
IS1220J Sort Archived Course Schedule
IS1222J Generate Schedule Construction
IS1224J Contact Hour CR-EQUIV Calc
IS1230J Build Course Entry Codes
IS1231J Course Entry Code Rosters/Labels
IS1232J Course Entry Code Purge
IS1233J Tenth Instructional Day Posting
IS1234J Ftp College Files to Vc Server
IS1235J Shutdown Job IS1234J
IS1299J Purge Course Extract/Sort Files
IS2101J Instructor/Time Conflicts
IS3101J Room/Time Conflicts
IS3102J Building/Room Usage
IS4101J Teaching Staff Utilization
IS4102J Faculty Teaching Load/Ftef Analysis
IS4103J Faculty Teaching Load - Ftes/Ftef Analysis
IS4104J Comparison of Ftes and Ftef
IS4105J Direct Instruction Quarterly Salaries by Course
IS4106J Annualized Faculty Teaching Load - Ftes/Ftef Analy
IS4109J Completions and Capacity Percentage Report
IS4110J Faculty Teaching Load/Quarterly Staff Comparison
IS7103J Print Class Openings (Hr)

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