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Daily Accounting Evening

This job group processes the two phases of General Ledger Posting. Phase I "brings up" the posting process, sorts the transactions as they are entered and "directs" them to the appropriate ledger. Phase II posts balances and closes the batches and prints the requested reports.
Special Instructions The parameters that appear will depend on the jobs that are selected. If GA1911J is selected, then SM9411J (UPDATE FAEXP) needs to be processed prior to the next time GA1911J is run.
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 GA1501J
Close GL Posting
R 02 01 GA1502J
GL Posting Phase I
R 03 01 GA1503J
GL Posting Phase II
O 04 01 FG036D
Load Financial Transactions
Load Financial Transactions
Load General Ledger Transactions
  General Ledger Accounting Transactions Report (GA1209)
Load Accounts Payable Transactions
  AP Transaction Load Error Report (BM3106)
R 05 04 GA1211J
Audit Account Structure
O 06 05 FG004D
AP Checks, Subgroup of FG001D
Extract AP Invoices
  Extract AP Invoices (BM3100)
Extract Credit Memos
Print AP Checks
Generate Accounting Transactions For AP Checks
  AP Check Error Report (BM3103)
Daily Check List
  Daily Check List Sorted by Check Number (BM3104A)
  Daily Check List Sorted by Name (BM3104B)
O 07 06 BM3105J
Pending Payment Report
  Pending Payment Report (BM3105)
R 08 07 GA1212J
GL Transaction Cleanup Report
  GL Transaction Cleanup Report (GA1212)
R 09 08 GA1206J
Reprocess Posting Error File
R 10 09 GA1205J
Daily Batch Processing
O 11 10 FG006D
Pooled Cash
Process Pooled Cash
Daily Batch Processing
R 12 11 GA1501J
Close GL Posting
O 13 03 GA1200J
Daily Batch Report
  Daily Batch Summary (GA1201)
  Daily Batch List (GA1202)
O 14 03 GA1207J
Posting Error File List
  Posting Error File List (GA1207)
O 15 03 GA1911J
Extract and Trnsfr FA Expenditures
  Transfer Fin Aid to Faexp Count (GA1911)
O 16 15 GA1215J
Rebuild Accounting/Budget Cross Reference
  Accounting/Budget Xref Error Report (GA1215)
O 17 16 BA1208J
Unbudgeted Expenditures/Revenue Report
  Unbudgeted Expenditures/Revenue Report (BA1208)
O 18 17 BA1290J
Budget Status Extract
O 19 03 BM3109J
Handwritten Checks and Cancellations
  Handwritten Checks and Cancellations (BM3109)
O 20 03 BM3108J
Out of Balance Check Report
  Out of Balance / Handwritten Check List (BM3108)
O 21 03 BM3110J
Pending Cost Transfer List
  Pending Cost Transfer List (BM3110)
O 22 03 MM2200J
Print Pending Encumbrances List
  Print Pending Encumbrances List (MM2200)
R 23 12 BM1787J
Encrypt Credit Card Numbers


BA1290-INC-SUPR Y = Yes, include PRGORG and PROJECT records with an EDIT-STAT or PROJ=STAT = "S" (suppress).
N = No, no not include PRGORG and PROJECT records with an EDIT-STAT or PROJ-STAT = "S" (suppress) (default).
BA1290-RPT-TYP M = As of month end
D = As of current date
BM3100-CHK-STKS The check stock(s), separated with a comma, that is to be processed during the check run. If left blank or "ALL", then all check stocks will be processed.
BM3100-DATE The date used for extracting invoices which are to be paid. Default: Scheduled run date. (YYMMDD)
BM3104-DATE The current schedule date (YYMMDD).
BM3104-INV-OPT Y = Yes, print invoice and credit memo detail
N = No, do not print invoice and credit memo detail, print check information only.
BM3105-DATE The date scheduled to be processed (YYMMDD)
BM3105-SRT-OPT Y = Yes, sort by Batch-ID
N = No, do not sort by Batch-ID
BM3109-BEG-DATE The beginning date to be reported (YYMMDD).
BM3109-END-DATE The ending date to be reported (YYMMDD).
CHECKS-LDEV The logical device number of the printer used to print checks/advices.
FYR The fiscal year to be processed (YYYY). For example, 0203
GA1200-BEG-DATE Defaults to the scheduled run date. When reprinting batches from prior dates, enter the beginning date in YYMMDD format to be used as selective criteria.
GA1200-END-DATE Defaults to scheduled run date. When reprinting batches from prior dates, enter the ending date in YYMMDD format to be used as selection criteria.
GA1204-DATE The current scheduled date (YYMMDD).
GA1211-DATE The date of the report (YYMMDD). If no date is entered, the current date is used (default).
GA1215-DEL-OPT N = No, do not delete cross reference before rebuild. (default)
Y = Yes, delete cross reference for fiscal year entered and build new cross reference entries.
GA1911-DATE Should be scheduled run date. (YYMMDD)
MO13-RPT-IND 0 = Normal month end reporting
1 = 13th/25th month. Exclude 12th month.
2 = 13th/25th month. Include 12th month.
SUPPRESS-ZERO Y = Suppress printing of checks with a net amount equal to zero.
N = (default) Print checks with a net amount equal to or greater than zero.
YR-MO The year-month to be processed (YYMM).

Distribution: FMS
Created: WED, MAR 13, 2013, 12:57 PM