SMS Job Scheduling
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Copy MIS Prelim Files SBCTC

This Job Group sends MIS1, MIS2, PMIS and supplemental data to SBCTC.
Special Instructions MG001R and PG800R must have already been run for the desired YRQ.
Operator Instructions CR6211J : TM

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 SR1299J
Send MIS1 File to SBCTC
R 02 01 SR2299J
Send MIS2 File to SBCTC
R 03 02 SR1298J
Copy Student Supplemental to SBCTC
R 04 03 SR2298J
Copy Class Supplemental to SBCTC
R 05 04 CR6211J
Copy Quarterly Staff File to Tape


MIS-COL Enter ALL, 999 or a valid college for which report is to be produced:
ALL = Produce a college report for all colleges.
999 = Produce a system rollup report only.
nnn = Produce a report for the specified college only (where 'nnn' is a valid college code).

Distribution: SMS CC
Created: MON, JAN 23, 2012, 10:37 AM