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MIS 1/2 Reporting

This Job Group updates the tenth day enrollment count and produces MIS 1/2 reports.
Special Instructions If SR1201J is scheduled, SR2201J must also be scheduled and parameter SR2201-OPT must be set to 3. <R> If SR1252J and SR2252J are scheduled (to load the MIS1 and MIS2 file into the SMIS data base), SR1201J and SR2201J must also be scheduled and parameter SR2201-OPT must be set to 3. Use "D" (disc) option for SR2252-INPUT and SR1252-INPUT parameters. <R> If SR1252J and SR2252J are scheduled, SR2258J must also be scheduled to compute/recompute contract enrollment data in MIS class detail set. SR2258J is a new job. <R> If SR2202J (FTEF Calc/Distr) or SR2205J (Extract Fed Voc File) is scheduled, the Quarterly Staff File for YRQ being processed must exist (CR6210J). <R> If SR2254J (Compute Summary FTES/FTEF) is scheduled, SR1252J (Load SMIS Student Data), SR2252J (Load SMIS Class Data) and SR2205J (Extract Fed Voc File) must also be scheduled. The FTES/FTEF computed by SR2254J are used for report SR2106 (SR2306J) FTES/FTEF at CIP Level.
Operator Instructions SR1252J : TM

Tape will need to be mounted if SR1252-INPUT=T

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 SR9201J
MIS 1/2 Extract
  MIS 1/2 Extract Invalid Codes (SR9201)
R 02 01 SR9202J
Count Tenth Day Enrollment
  Tenth Day Enrollment Exception List (SR9202)
O 03 02 SR1202J
MIS 1 Report
  MIS 1 Report (SR1202)
O 04 03 SR2201J
MIS 2 Report
  MIS 2 Report (SR2201)
O 05 04 SR1201J
Create MIS1 File
  Errors When Creating the MIS 1 File (SR1201)
R 06 05 SR2259J
  I-BEST CR-EQUIV Process Report (SR2259)
O 07 06 SR1204J
MIS 1/2 Roster
  MIS 1/2 Roster (SR1204)
O 08 07 SR1205J
MIS 1/2 NON-COUNTING Enrollment
  MIS 1/2 NON-COUNTING Enrollment (SR1205)
O 09 08 SR1206J
MIS 1/2 NON-COUNTING Enrollment Roster
  MIS 1/2 NON-COUNTING Enrollment Roster (SR1206)
O 10 09 SR1207J
MIS 1/2 Student Check List
  MIS 1/2 Student Check List (SR1207)
O 11 10 SR4101J
Occupational Preparatory Enrollments
  Occupational Preparatory Enrollments (SR4101)
O 12 11 SR1203J
Special Needs Assignment Update
  Special Needs Assignment Update Log (SR1203)
O 13 05 SR2202J
Ftef Calculation/Distribution
  PRE-EDIT Error Report (SR2901A)
  Quarterly Staff/Class Schedule Reconciliation (SR2904)
  PRE-EDIT Error Report (SR2901B)
O 14 13 SR2201J
MIS 2 Report
  MIS 2 Report (SR2201)
O 15 14 SR2252J
Load Smis Class Data, College
O 16 15 SR1252J
Load Smis Student Data, College
O 17 16 SR2258J
Update Class Detail With Contract Enrollments, Col
O 18 17 SR2205J
Extract Federal Vocational Ftef File
O 19 18 SR2254J
Compute Summary Ftes/Ftef Data, Col
  Ftes/Ftef Summary Load Status (SR2255)
O 20 19 SR2219J
Create MIS Supplemental Class File
O 21 20 SR2222J
Post Class Supplemental to Smis
O 22 21 SR1219J
Create Student Supplemental File
O 23 22 SR1222J
Post Student Supplemental to Smis
R 24 12 ZX0009J
Purge Extract File


CALC-OPT A = Calculate using credit equivalents.
B = Calculate using quarterly contact hours.
CALC-RECON-OPT 01 = Edit all course records, include "R" MIS2-REJECTS.
02 = Edit all course records, exclude "R" MIS2-REJECTS.
03 = Edit as in 02 and produce dummy Reconciliation Report.
MIS-COL Enter ALL, 999 or a valid college for which report is to be produced:
ALL = Produce a college report for all colleges.
999 = Produce a system rollup report only.
nnn = Produce a report for the specified college only (where 'nnn' is a valid college code).
MIS1-TAPE-NUM MIS1 tape volume number. Use default 'XXXXXX'.
MIS2-TAPE-NUM MIS2 tape volume number. Use default 'XXXXXX'.
SR1201-SRT-OPT Sort sequence of the MIS 1 error report (SR1201).
A = Alpha (student name) sequence
S = SID sequence (default)
SR1252-INPUT SR1252 (MIS1) input file type. Use 'D' (disc).
SR2201-OPT 1 = This option will only edit the Class Schedule for MIS2 reporting requirements. The MIS2 Summary report will also be pro-
2 = This option will edit the Class Schedule and print the MIS2 report.
3 = This option will edit the Class Schedule file and print the MIS2 report. It will also produce the MIS2 file, SR2201S. This file will not be purged after this pro- cedure is run and may be used for the col- lege's internal information.
SR2202-SRT-OPT Sort sequence of the FTEF Pre-Edit Error Reports (SR2901A & B) and Quarterly Staff/Class Schedule Reconciliation Report (SR2904).
N = Instructor Name Sequence
I = Instructor ID Sequence (default if an invalid code is entered)
SR2252-INPUT SR2252 (MIS2) input file type. Use 'D' (disc).
SR2259-SKIP-ZERO Input Y to skip class if enrollment is zero Input N to include class if enrollment is zero.
SR9202-SORT-OPT Enter the report sort sequence option number.
YRQ Enter the year-quarter to be processed.

Distribution: SMS CC
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM