PPMS Job Scheduling
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Payroll With Central Print

This job group represents the entire payroll process from the calculation through reporting. This process is only for distributed sites that are printing checks at WCCCC.
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 PG503S
Payroll Cleanup
Payroll Audit Cleanup
Payroll File Purge
R 02 01 PS0355J
Periodic Maintenance Audit
R 03 02 PS1130J
Payroll Consolidation
O 04 03 PS1135J
Payroll Input Register
  Payroll Input Register (PS1135)
O 05 03 PS1140J
Payroll Input Reconciliation
  Payroll Input Reconciliation (PS1140)
R 06 03 PS1203J
Automatic Payment Generation
  Contract Rounding Report (PS1203)
R 07 06 PS1204J
Apply Shift Differential
R 08 07 PS2149J
Leave Audit Report
  Leave Audit Detail (PS2150A)
  Leave Audit Summary (PS2150B)
R 09 08 PS1205J
Gross Pay Calculation
  Gross Pay Calculation Exception Report (PS1205A)
  End of Contract Staff Months Adjustment Report (PS1205B)
R 10 09 CR5110J
Create DRS Deduction Adjustments
  DRS Deduction Adjustment Report (CR5110A)
  DRS Deduction Adjustment Exception Report (CR5110B)
R 11 10 PS1210J
R 12 11 PS1211J
GROSS-TO-NET Exception Report
  GROSS-TO-NET Exception Report (PS1211)
R 13 11 PS1215J
Total Gross Payroll
  Total Gross Payroll (PS1215)
R 14 11 PS1216J
Gross Balance Activity
  Gross Balance Activity (PS1216A)
  C/O/H Input With Gross Override Used (PS1216B)
  C/O/H Input That Has Not Updated Ytd/Qtd Gross Bal (PS1216C)
  Adjustments Adjusting a Gross, Tax or Reduction (PS1216D)
R 15 14 PS1217J
  GROSS-TO-NET Activity Part a (PS1217A)
  GROSS-TO-NET Activity Part B (PS1217B)
R 16 14 PS1227J
Employer Cost Overrides
R 17 16 PS1230J
Employer Cost Distribution
R 18 17 PS1232J
Employer Cost Update
R 19 18 PS1245J
Payroll Expense EFT Summary
  Payroll Expense EFT Summary (PS1245)
R 20 19 PS1240J
Create Direct Deposit
R 21 20 PS1250J
Create Vendor EFT
  Tiaa/Cref Negative EFT Adjustments (PS1250A)
  Tiaa/Cref Negative EFT Adjustments Summary (PS1250B)
R 22 19 PS1225J
Payroll Distribution Initialization
R 23 22 PS1220J
Extract Check Print Tables
R 24 23 PS1221J
Send Check Print Tables
R 25 24 PS1223J
Send Check Print File
R 26 25 PS1302J
Wait For Check Numbers
R 27 26 PS1310J
Payroll Disbursement Finalization
  Employee Check Received Register (PS1310A)
  Bank Register (PS1310B)
  Department Check Received Register (PS1310C)
R 28 27 PS1315J
Payroll Audit Report
  Payroll Audit Report (PS1315)
R 29 28 PS1316J
Payroll Audit Report Index
  Payroll Audit Report Index Name Order (PS1316A)
  Payroll Audit Report Index ID Order (PS1316B)
  Payroll Audit Report Index Check/Advice Order (PS1316C)
  Payroll Audit Report Index Employee Type/Name (PS1316D)
  Payroll Audit Report Index Home Department Order (PS1316E)
R 30 27 PS1320J
Payroll Register
  Payroll Register (PS1320)
R 31 27 PS1410J
FMS Payroll Generation
  FMS Payroll Reconciliation Report (PS1410)
R 32 31 PS1412J
Summarize G.L. Transactions
R 33 32 PS1425J
Vendor Payment Liability
  Vendor Payment Liability Report (PS1425)
R 34 21 PS1260J
Vendor Interface Extract
R 35 34 CR7000J
Bundle Payroll Balancing Files
R 36 35 CR7001J
Send Payroll Files to Central Site
R 37 20 PG502S
Expense Distribution Report
Expense Distribution Extract
Expense Distribution Report
  Expense Distribution Report (PS1420A)
  Employment and Payroll Summary Report (PS1420B)
  Fnd/Prg/Sobj Summary Rpt For Funds 001,145,148,149 (PS1420C)
  Prg/Sobj Summary Report For Funds 001,145,148,149 (PS1420D)
  Campus/Fund/Program/Subobject Summary Report (PS1420E)
  Fund/Program/Subobject Summary Report (PS1420F)
  Fund/Subobject Summary Report (PS1420G)
  Expense Distribution Summarized Benefits (PS1420H)
Expense Distr Summary by Campus/Fnd/Prg/Org/Sobj
  Campus/Fund/Prg/Org/Sobj Summary Report (PS1423)
R 38 20 PS1330J
Detailed Deduction Reporting
  Detailed Deduction Report (PS1330)
R 39 38 PS1335J
Deferred Compensation Reporting
  Deferred Compensation Deduction Report (PS1335)
O 40 39 PS1340J
Savings Bond Reporting
  Bond Deduction Report (PS1340A)
  Bond Purchases Report (PS1340B)
R 41 27 PS1235J
Update Payroll to Employee File
R 42 27 PS1375J
Update Payroll History
O 43 42 PS1780J
L&I Hours/Premium Rpt by Payroll
  Labor and Industry Hours/Premium Report by Payroll (PS1780)
R 44 33 PS1413J
Automatic PPMS to FMS Update
R 45 33 CR7031J
Send Central Payroll Accounting
R 46 45 PS1152J
Payroll File Squeeze


ID-PRINT-OPT Enter the option for printing the employees identification number to the report:
E = Print the Emp-Id (SSN)
L = Print last 4 characters of Emp-Id (SSN)
S = Print the System Id (SID)
B = Print spaces or blanks
* = Print all asterisks
PAYR-SCHD The payroll schedule being processed.
PS1310-ID-PRINT Enter the option for printing the employee's identification number on the PS1310 reports. This parameter overrides the global ID-Print-Opt. Valid values are:
E = Print the Emp-ID (SSN)
L = Print last 4 characters of Emp-ID (SSN)
S = Print the System ID (SID)
B = Print spaces/blanks
* = Print all asterisks (*)
PS1310-SORT-OPT The option to either include or exclude advices with checks within the Employee Check Received Register (report A) printed in payroll payment location: 1 = Include advices; checks first, followed by advices within payroll payment location by Employee Name. 2 = Include advices; advices first, followed by checks within payroll payment location by Employee Name. 3 = Include advices; by Employee Name within payroll payment location (checks/advices intermixed). Blank = Exclude advices; Employee Name within payroll payment location (checks only).
PS1315-PRT-BAL Y = Print post payroll dollar, hour and deduction balances for each employee.
N = Do not print dollar, hour and deduction balances.
PS1320-CERT-OPT An option to print the payroll certification block from the OFM manual on the last page of the report. Y = Yes, print the payroll certificate. N = No, do not print the payroll certificate. Default
PS1420-RPT-SEL Enter A thru H to select the desired report(s). To order all reports, enter as ABCDEFGH. To order reports A,C,D and H, enter as ACDH.
PS1780-SORT The sort sequence to be reported.
1 = Employee Type, Employee Name, Employee ID
2 = Employee Type, Employee ID
3 = Employee Name, Employee ID
4 = Employee ID
PS2149-LV-AS-OF The leave as of date that should print on each employees' earnings statement.
PS2149-SORT 1 = Employee Name
2 = Department, Employee Name
3 = Employee Type, Employee Name

Distribution: PPMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM