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Employee PIN Assign/Delete

This job group assigns or deletes personal identification numbers (PINs) for employees selected using an ad-hoc reporting extract. It can also generate PIN notification letters.
Special Instructions None
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Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
O 01 00 PS0221J
Employee PIN Assignment/Deletion
  Employee PIN Assignment/Delete (PS0221)
O 02 01 PS0222J
Employee PIN Notification
  Employee PIN Exception Report (PS0222A)
  Employee PIN Notification (PS0222B)
R 03 02 PS0223J
Employee PIN Extract File Purge


ID-PRINT-OPT Enter the option for printing the employees identification number to the report:
E = Print the Emp-Id (SSN)
L = Print last 4 characters of Emp-Id (SSN)
S = Print the System Id (SID)
B = Print spaces or blanks
* = Print all asterisks
PIN-NOTIF-MSG1 Enter up to five lines of text to be printed on the employee PIN notification letters, 60 characters per line.
PS0221-FILE The name of the file containing employee information used to process PIN transactions.
For PG617R, this parameter defaults to PS0220S.
For PG617R-A, provide the name of the extract file created using an ad-hoc reporting tool such as DataExpress. This file must be created prior to scheduling this job group and should only contain the employee's identification number (Emp-ID). When the extract file has been created, enter the following responses when prompted to save the file: Name for Generated File: PS0221S File in local file group (Y/N)?: Y
PS0221-UPD-OPT PIN update option. Valid values are:
A = Add. Generate a PIN for employees included in the extract file who do not currently have an assigned PIN.
U = Update. Generate a PIN for all employees included in the extract file.
D = Delete. Delete PINs for all employees included in the extract file.
PS0222-OPT PIN notification option. Spaces = Print a notification letter for all employees who are assigned PIN numbers on this run (default). L = Print a notification letter for all employees extracted who have not previously received a notification letter, including any employees extracted who have been manually assigned a PIN number using the Employee PIN Screen PS0031. R = Print a notification letter for all employees extracted, including employees who were previously notified.
PS0222-SORT 1 = Employee ID
2 = Employee Name
3 = Employee Type, Employee Name
4 = Zip Code, Employee Name

Distribution: PPMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:19 AM