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Student PIN Assignment (AD-HOC Reporting Extract)

This job group assigns personal identification numbers (PIN) to students selected using an extract file created by an Ad-hoc reporting process (see SM5208J).
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions SM5215J : SF

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 SM5208J
Student Bio Adhoc Report Extract
R 02 01 SM5215J
Student PIN Assignment
  Student PIN Update (SM5215A)
  Student PIN Notification (SM5215B)
R 03 02 SM5299J
Student Biographic Extract/Sort File Purge


BIO-XTRCT-FILE File name of Ad-hoc reporting file created using Data Express (up to 8 characters in length). File name defaults to SM5215S (see purpose and description of job SM5208J for additional instructions on creating this file). This file will be processed and purged when job group SG037R-D runs.
BIO-XTRCT-GRP Group and account (optional) of the Ad-hoc reporting file. Defaults to the value RUN. Only change this value if you wish to designate a file stored in a different group and account. If this value is changed, enter the group and account separated by a decimal point (i.e., DATA.BWRITE). A file created in a different group and account must be released.
COPY-PIN Determines additional pin assignment capability. Use N if assigning Global pins or assigning Quarterly pins for 1 Quarter.
G - Copy existing Global pin to Quarterly pin.
B - Copy existing Global pin to 2 Quarterly pins.
Q - Copy Quarterly pin to second Quarterly pin.
N - No copy, SM5215-YRQ or Global only.
PIN-ASSGN-OPT PIN Assignment Option. Valid codes are:
R = Randomly assign PIN numbers
B = Assign PIN numbers as student's birthdate in MMDDYY format.
PIN-TYPE Type of PIN number updated. Valid types are:
G = Global (permanent) PIN numbers used to inquire on grades, registration appointments or other information. Also used to register through touchtone (college option).
Q = Quarterly PIN numbers used to register through touchtone (college option).
PIN-UPD-OPT PIN number update option. Valid codes are:
A = Assign PIN numbers to students who do not already have a PIN number.
U = Assign PIN numbers to all students extracted. If a student was previously assigned a PIN number, the PIN will be overlaid.
SM5215-COPY-YRQ Optional second Quarter for pin assignment. Leave blank to assign Quarterly pins for 1 Quarter or if assigning Global pins.
SM5215-YRQ Registration YRQ used to print appointment date and time on the Student PIN Update report. Also used to determine YRQ when assigning quarterly PIN numbers. SM5215-YRQ may not be the same as the extract YRQ.

Distribution: SMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:28 AM