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Missing Student Information

This Job Group processes an extract file created by an Ad-hoc reporting process (see SM5208J) and prints the Missing Student Information Report.
Special Instructions None
Operator Instructions None

Job Group Definition

Seq # Prior
Seq #
R 01 00 SM5208J
Student Bio Adhoc Report Extract
R 02 01 SM5116J
Missing Student Information
  Missing Student Information (SM5116)
R 03 02 SM5299J
Student Biographic Extract/Sort File Purge


BIO-XTRCT-FILE File name of Ad-hoc reporting file created using Data Express (up to 8 characters in length). File name defaults to SM5116S (see purpose and description of job SM5208J for additional instructions on creating this file). This file will be processed and purged when job group SG045R-C runs.
BIO-XTRCT-GRP Group and account (optional) of the Ad-hoc reporting file. Defaults to the value RUN. Only change this value if you wish to designate a file stored in a different group and account. If this value is changed, enter the group and account separated by a decimal point (i.e., DATA.BWRITE). A file created in a different group and account must be released.
Elements edited for missing data may be specified when the Missing Student Information report is scheduled. To specify edits at this time, enter a Y for each element that should be edited for missing data. If all elements are left blank, the edits specified on the Touchtone Student Information screen (SM4013) will be used. Elements that may be specified are: EL01-BIRTH-DATE = Student birthdate (edited for zeroes or month/day = 0101) EL02-SEX = Sex (edited for blanks) EL03-RACE-CD = Census Race Code (edited for blanks) EL04-HISP-CD = Census Hispanic Code (edited for blanks) EL05-HSCHL = Last High School Attended (edited for blanks) EL06-HSCHL-YRQ = Last Year Attended High School (edited for blanks) EL07-HSCHL-GRAD = Graduated from High School Indicator (edited for blanks) EL08-CITZ-STAT = Citizenship (edited for blanks) EL09-HNDCP-STAT = Handicap Status (edited for blanks) EL10-PLAN-ATTND = Planned Length of Attendance (edited for blanks) EL11-WORK-ATTND = Work Status While Attending (edited for blanks) EL12-PRIOR-EDUC = Prior Level of Education (edited for blanks) EL13-FAM-STAT = Family Status (edited for blanks) EL14-PLAN-WORK = Planned Training in Relation to Work (edited for blanks) EL15-PURP-ATTND = Purpose for Attending (edited for blanks)
SELCT-MISSING Option to only print students with missing data elements specified.
Y = Print students who have one or more missing data elements specified
N = Print all students extracted
SELCT-REG-DATE Registration Activity Selection Option. Enter the transaction date or date range for which registration activity should be selected. Enter date or date range in the following format: MMDDYY (where MM = month, DD = day, YY = year or century/year combination) MMDDYY-MMDDYY (beginning and ending date separated by a dash) For example, 040192, 04011992, 040192-040792, 04011992-04071992 If selection should not be based on registration activity, enter 999999 in the ending date (i.e., 040192-999999). SELCT-REG-DATE defaults to the job scheduling date.
SELCT-TTONE-REG Option to select students who have touchtone registration activity only.
Y = Select students with touchtone registration activity
N = Select all students
YRQ Enter the year-quarter to be processed.

Distribution: SMS
Created: WED, JAN 04, 2012, 07:28 AM